Of people and life

Posted: December 15, 2008 in Uncategorized

So I’m feeling all philosophical in my first blog post.

Unpredictable. If someone asked me to describe life in a word, that is the exact one word I would use.

We say that we are in control of our destinies, we say that our emotions are controllable if we try real hard, we say we can be masters of our future. Maybe we can. But some times, life just throws one of those random unexpected things at the perfectly predictable pathway you’re walking down, and BAM, all the rocks on the path bounce out of order and you lose your direction, your sense of security and faith in the power you hold over your life. Unfortunate circumstance, they call it.

You might’ve been sitting at a coffee table 2 years ago and laughing at the very thought of you and your best friend ever splitting up, and then 2 years later, he or she is standing right next to you but you have never felt so disconnected to something in your life before. You might be dependant on a rock that you think would never leave its ground; it was simply your rock, as simple as the sky is blue or leaf is green, and suddenly, the rock may vanish unexplainably. You might be entrenched in such a sense of security one moment, and thrust into a completely surprising turmoil of unsteadyness the next. Such strange shit happens. I know I’ve seen it happen anyway. Kismet’s cruel prank on humans? Total coincidence? Call it what you will, it doesn’t affect the fact that it happens.

A lot of people who go through freakish changes in their lives like that go, oh how can I trust anyone now, or depend on anything anymore, when any moment they could just evaporate like they did once before? Sure, that does make sense in a self-defensive point of view.

But just like you believed that the sky is blue or that leaves are green, one has no choice but to give the same total acceptance to the fact that life is in its ultimate whole form, very unpredictable. Yes, you can plan you will go to college in a few months, or the dress you’re going to wear that evening. But I think once you prepare yourself mentally to the concept of ‘nothing, at all, is impossible’ and truly succumb to the notion that, in the end, unexpected and unplanned things have freedom to interfere with mortal schedules, only then, do you really become master of your life.

  1. The Unsilent says:

    amen! well said..

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