Laughing till it hurts

Posted: December 16, 2008 in Uncategorized

A long while back, someone once asked me, ado, what would you die without?

Well back then I owned a damn hot LG KG800 and of course, being the vain person that I often am, I said, darling I would DIE without my phone!
But I lost it. The phone I mean.
And when I poke myself I feel it, so I guess it didn’t kill me.

All superficial silly things aside though, what would you REALLY DIE without? Let’s take death less literally, and put a metaphorical spin on it, as something that would really hurt you with its absence or poetically suck the spirit out of you.

When I did this, I think I realized that life would be a sickening blob of deathyness if I couldn’t laugh. Laughter. I think I might die without it. It’s ALL I need to get me through a day. I could have the shittiest day full of shitty people and shitty happenings and having stepped in shit walking back from work, but if by the end of it, I’m on the phone with a slightly mad friend, or meeting up with some loonies with a great sense of humour, or my little cousin looks up at me and goes ‘Grandma is like a big smelly wrinkly baby’- everything is magically put back into place, atleast for those few minutes of mindless laughing, and it’s like a soothing balm rubbed into the stinging mayhem of a stressed mind.

You can be the most intelligent person in the world, with the most insanely attractive interactive personality (or abs), and have so much in common with me: but if you can’t make me laugh, you honestly wouldn’t mean much to me. My best friends and my most favourite people are actually the people who can make me laugh the most.

Laughing so hard, that you forget what the joke was in the first place, and till you’re left on your knees, or rolling on the floor, and your sides hurt so bad but you feel so good: if you ask me, is one of the best sensations in life you can experience.

So I saw that old friend again and while laughing over something about an old man and a pineapple, I remembered his question and said, darling the only way you can kill me is if you take my laugh away.

  1. Lady divine says:

    your last sentence really got to me…..awesome!and I totally agree with you..:)

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