Money money money

Posted: December 21, 2008 in Uncategorized

Everything is so expensive. 😥
Back when I was the Uberslob of Doom… meaning, my cycle of life was eating, sleeping, PC, TV, and snapping at people who told me to lift a finger… (not that I’m SO much different right now. heh heh.) I never really flinched much at all at this Sri Lankan ‘cost of living’ jazz.

All I knew was everyone was whining about the price of gas and food and all that shitzu going up and no one could afford it. And I too whined obliviously in agreement, yet not really knowing what I was whining about, since I never even looked at the price tags of the things my parents paid for.

But now that I work and am often compelled to look at price tags… BAM the putrid cost of living smacked me centre in the head. Damn.

I was looking for colour pencils at the supermarket the other day, trying some new mediums with my art… and I could not find a single box for below a hundred rupees. Didn’t we have to pay only thirty bucks for a box of pencils or crayons just about seven years ago?

Clothes. A nice looking good quality t-shirt now is five hundred bucks. I used to use just half that amount a few years back. The average Sri Lankan cannot afford to regularly buy anything extremely fashionable or cool: Odel, Romafour, Gee Bees, Barefoot, places with the best of quality, are so rarely accessible to the general masses, unless to suck their pockets out like a black hole. Tourists. It’s what our biggest shops are serving. With those guys pouring out their dollar bills on the counter, who can blame our industry for leaving the average Sri Lankan with only the scraps: company rejects and mediocre fashion?

Don’t get me started on food, because this is what has got me most depressed. As an ardent fan of tasty food items, I (almost) sobbed hysterically discovering that the price of Snickers chocolate bars and Toblerone and Chocolate Cookies and hotdogs have risen to double the price they were marketed for just 2 years ago! OH the AGONY. Why hast thou forsaken me and my cobwebby wallet, oh cruel fate?

Gas prices, I have not experienced yet, for it is a week till I get my license. Stay tuned for later ranting in that department as well.

Meanwhile, have you heard Tipi-Tip is only 25 rupees?! Sweet salvation! Sure, half the packet is full of air, but the salty star-shaped crunchyness and cheesy orangeness is nowhere else to be found for such an insanely tiny price! I have now aptly been nicknamed ‘Tipi-tip girl’ at office now, as I am often found munching down 2 Tipi-Tip packs instead of a 200-rupee lunch packet.

Hey, it beats sitting on a pavement with a tin can at my feet.
Or does it?

  1. Lady divine says:

    oh..dont get me started on this! salary is way too small…prices of things…unaffordable!Everytime I go to a supermarket, I always double check the bill,coz I keep wondering how I spent so much on not to many goods!Went shopping last night with mum and bought the home folks some clothes… and now I’m not really left with much to get myself anything…sigh.. and this credit card, is a sweet killer… saves me in times of financial crisis/distress.. and makes me pay even more later!argh!

  2. SlowDeath.jr says:

    I feel your pain spidy 😥 We went shopping for gifts last monday and DAMMM at this rate we’ll all be broke by Jan

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