Renegade Hormones

Posted: December 23, 2008 in Uncategorized

Ok so I was all emo on Monday. If the annoyingly reflective oh-such-is-life-and-its-weirdness blog post was any indication. Which brings me to today’s topic.


Ok I can hear cringes and sniggers and ‘eeya’s in the crowd already. 😛
But srsly, PMS is a BIG problem. I mean mentally, it reduces you to a blithering pool of blubber.

I NEVER cry. I mean, seriously. Not even when someone hits me in the face or when I bump into evil furniture jumping into my way or at sad movies or when people are really mean.
But these are the times I almost cried my eyes out during that freakishly PMSey day:

  • A sad song played on the radio in the morning
  • One of my contacts on the phone at work was talking incomprehensible complex sinhalese
  • A co-worker jokingly showed me the finger
  • The Tipi Tip shop was closed
  • The office transport guy yelled at me for being late
  • That creepy elevator guy making smoochy noises at me
  • Spilt a bit of hot Milo on my scarf
  • Mum forgot to pay a bill

And then I swore profusely at inanimate objects. Snapped at co-workers. Got accused of physically assaulting one. And then mumbled apologetically, made weird facial expressions ranging from expressing manic depression to hysteria to nothing. Then fell in a heap into my chair, sometimes cradling my head on the desk.

After Chokka Bunnis, my mad but darling friend, bought me a Wonder Bar and then a cool packet of Milo and then calmed me down with a nice long chat outside the confines of the office, my levels of psychotic behaviour considerably reduced.

Renegade hormones. Scarier than the Teletubbies, man.

  1. Maharajah of Bad says:

    typical woman. snapping at everybody when you’re psychotic and then writing about it like it was some sort of life changing ‘experience’

  2. Makuluwo says:

    I never said it was a life changing experience at all, smartass. Just musing on the occurrence. 😐

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