A Merry 24th

Posted: December 24, 2008 in Uncategorized

Today was exhausting.

Hanging out on Ami’s concrete rooftop with my old school buddies, water balloons full of coloured water (courtesy of holi powder) flying in all directions, ‘nilakuru‘ sticks lighting up the evening, fire crackers catapulting into the cool night air accompanied by hoots and woohoos, silly goday dancing and singing, needless to say it was mad fun.

People who had seemingly grown apart since school life, their interests in life and personalities now a clearer contrast with each other’s, still manage to have the greatest time together at Ami’s annual 24th/26th meetup.

Everyone, about ten of us, regardless of level of maturity or colour of opinion or whatever, suddenly transforms into the kids we were back in grade five.

Sure, you’d find us talking about things we didn’t know about back then like politics and news, but once the party really starts, not a single person standing is spared of turning into a care-free 10 year old: pigging out on icecream, laughing about the size of the spoons, laughing so hard it hurts, remembering age-old songs, singing them way too loud and way off tune, seeing who can spin around in circles the longest without passing out, hopping and running around and throwing water balloons at each other, until we’re all out of breath and looking like mental patients/fugitives from an asylum.

Rubbed the coloured tint off my face and hands, looked presentable enough, and had to run off to a wedding soon afterwards. Little did anyone know that beneath my long sleeves and shoes was a yellow tummy, pink and yellow arms, and red toes.

Finally at home, after laughing at the purples and magenta hues swirling down the shower drain, my clothes permanently coloured with our madness and my toes still incorrigibly red, I realized (while munching hungrily on Ferrero Rochers) that every now and then, regardless of how old you are or what you do or anything else, you’ve gotta have one of those things that take you back to your childhood. Some pure, unadulterated fun.

Here’s to an awesome christmas eve, and happy holidays everybody!

  1. h@sn@ says:

    i know!! we deffa had a blast!! u know it’s something we could always look forward to and never get disappointed on how it turns out to be..cuz somehow,we just get into the mood and start reliving our childhood again..no matter what, just seeing the whole ‘crazy’ crowd is enough to the trigger the fun:D

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