Posted: December 27, 2008 in Uncategorized

Where are all the crazy people at?

Sane people do not…

  • Have imaginary friend(s)
  • Talk to themselves and/or imaginary friend(s) when no one/everyone is around
  • Vandalise public property because it’s ‘funny’
  • Seriously contemplate stealing a policeman’s hat
  • Tell gullible little children who will listen that there are grasshoppers living inside them
  • Interrupt their parents’ Parental Lecture with the ‘I’m a Barbie girl, in the Barbie wuh-urld!’ song
  • Practice jumping from one living room sofa to the other
  • Hand-sew a denim jacket that says PLAYAH on the back, for their pet rabbit
  • Say nonsensical strange things like ‘you silly pickle’ and ‘bijiggley woop!’
  • Hug, jab, tickle, pinch people unawares just to freak them out
  • Make serious plans to visit the Angoda hospital out of sheer fascination
  • Grin manically when they hear of some natural disaster
  • Make weird googly faces at strangers during highly inappropriate times

I do.

Chokka Bunnis and I let out melodramatic sighs on the phone, as we took out our statistical devices and concluded that the rate of insanity in our general social circle is quite rapidly declining.

Tragic no?

  1. Queen of the Dark Asylum says:

    hahah!! i do some of it too =D

  2. Sabby says:

    “Make serious plans to visit the Angoda hospital out of sheer fascination”Lol…my cousin and I not only made the plans but went to the gates as well…but then freaked out and ran away like the little girls that we are!Hilarious list =D

  3. Jack Point says:

    ha ha, this is a winner! EspeciallyMake serious plans to visit the Angoda hospital out of sheer fascination.The building does look pretty impressive from the outside, perhaps a blogger meetup can be arranged inside? This venue would then have advantage that should NB turn up we could lock him up there permanently.

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