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There are just some songs that make you want to rock out no matter what sort of person you are or what mood you happen to be in.
You know, that freakishly catchy one that plays on the intercom somewhere and makes you hum along or bob your head involuntarily.

Different tracks do it for different people. Here’s my Top 10 list.

The Carpenters’ Please Mister Postman : Bahaha! I like The Carpenters OK. And I know all the words to this song. If that makes me a complete dorkus, so be it!

OK GO’s Do What You Want : DUM DUM DOO DOO badabamdoodoo! Man I love those drums.

The Bird and the Bee’s Again & Again : I have no idea what the hell the lyrics imply, but it will get stuck in your brain, forev0r.

Drowning Pool’s Bodies : Ehehe. Yah a bit heavier than the rest on the list. ^.^

Alicia Keys’ Go Ahead : Alicia Keys is just too cool. Period.

The Cardigans’ Lovefool : Love these indie-rock gurus. Are these guys still functioning? :/

Christina Aguilera’s Fighter and Can’t Hold Us Down : Hey don’t judge me! I usually can’t stand her songs but these tracks are just damn contagious. Plus, you know, she has a great voice.

Jason Mraz’s Geek in the Pink : Fun lyrics, fun ‘doo doo doo’ hook before the chorus, what’s not to like?

The Wonders’ That Thing You Do : This one-hit-wonder has been one of my faves ever since that movie with Tom Hanks came out.

Miley Cyrus’ Fly on the Wall : Now I know what you’re thinking, ‘Miley Cyrus?! Spidey what were you thinking?!’ But I just like this ONE SONG KAY, stfu.

Oh and I just watched The Eye, a supposed ‘thriller’, starring Jessica Alba. Anyone who’s watched it would know it’s not even worth reviewing.
Man, I’m not sure which was worse, Alba’s acting, the basketcase storyline or that cute doctor who was so obviously helping Alba out just to get into her pants.
I recommend you all watch it for the laughs! πŸ˜‰

I just realized that Sri Lanka does not have any sort of equivalent to a ‘Suicide Hotline’.

Teenagers contemplating suicide or just feeling a little nuts, apparently have to fix a real life meet-up, an appointment with a counselor, at one of our organizations (Sumithrayo or something) in order to be helped in any way.

I’ve spoken to a lot of teenagers who are one or both of the above and really have no one to talk to about the issues on their minds.

How come no help-for-kids NGOs have thought it strange that we don’t have hotlines for phone-counseling? Is it a culture thing? That not many Sri Lankan kids would call and talk to a total stranger about their problems?

So good samaritan that I am (haw haw haw) I’ve called up some contacts and we might be putting up the island’s first 24/7 phone counselling service for teens.
Initially, we were thinking of opening up my personal phone line for counselling for starters, as my counselling techniques (ehehe) have been commended already. But then, I thought it not too safe, what with my, uh, occasional ‘unprofessionalism’..

Crazy person (at 2AM): Hello?
Me (groggy, cranky): Eh.. hallo? Who is this?
Crazy person: Uh.. I think I’m going to kill myself.
Me: Good, atleast then I won’t be getting calls from you at 2 in the friggin morning no?

Or worse, creepy bastards start calling…

Creepy bastard (at 2AM): Hello? Is this the phone sex hotline? Ooh baby…
Me: AAHHHH! @$%!@%#*!!

>.< Ew.

So we shall have to wait till new phone lines are installed and we get more volunteers for the effort! Hopefully it does some good. I’m sure that for once in the history of SL though, Dialog can take a break from being so incessantly prank-called when this hotline comes out.. πŸ˜‰

Oh, also, here’s a webcam shot of my pride and joy, the product of my latest toil, yesterday’s after-midnight snack:
French toast (I used milk this time, Finrod!) and chicken nuggets.
Bon apetite!

Bahaha! Not too bad for a kitchen-noob no? πŸ˜€

Into Uncharted Territory

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Woke up at 3 in the morning today with an uncontrollable urge to eat french toast. Everyone was asleep. But that didn’t stop me!

Now I am not exactly what one might call a, ahem, kitchen-oriented individual. The only things I have ever made in my life: coffee, a butter cake, tuna sandwiches, all of which I usually made in the hall while watching TV or in the pantry, obviously far from real hardcore-kitchen-cooking.
If you’ve read that old narcissistic post of mine, you’d know of my spoilt brat background: so usually, food was ordered, and it would just magically appear on the dining table an hour later.

Also, I’m pretty lazy and sort of, uh, accident-prone, so mum prefers my oblivious aversion from cooking as well.

So there I was, 3AM, barefoot in the kitchen, holding an egg, not quite sure what to do with it.
I knew french toast had something to do with bread and eggs and frying, so I was thinking, let’s just wing it and see what happens.

Couldn’t find the cooking oil, and didn’t want to use it since I have a secret fear of frying oil flying into the air and hitting me in the face. So put a stick of butter into the pan as a substitute. Dipped bread into some egg and threw it into the pan, and stood there giggling and going ‘oooh cool!’ at all the sizzling and butter-bubbles.

Finally, two slices of french toast stood before me, and I hadn’t got burnt anywhere nor had I blown up the kitchen.


They were pretty tasty too, not as good as the ones Dad makes, but still. Now you’re probably secretly sniggering at me but this is pretty big ok! I’m usually such a kitchen-noob, that when I told mum later she let out a disbelieving giggle and walked off mumbling about how funny it is when I make up imaginary stories. 😐

I had so much fun that I might actually venture in there once again, to make more french toast, or… or pastries! ehheHEHehee.

Oh, and as requested by Whacko and Aufidius, here’s some of my old art work. Can’t put up my current ones cuz I don’t have a cam to take pics of em. 😦
Forgive the sucky quality, because my scanner is a kabal piece of crap, and the camera shots don’t capture the art in detail!
Weeping mother nature
Grim Reaper
Once upon a time

And gawd, I just love this song.

Kalu Suddha

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Aiyyo that’s what I am, man. Or atleast that’s what I’ve been called on more than one occasion. Why? Because my sinhala sucks.

HEY doesn’t mean I don’t want to learn it, and it’s not my fault I have never had the necessity to learn the language in my life, due mostly to only english and tamil speaking fellows within my vicinity.

Anyhoo, funnyass thing happened today no. Was standing at the counter of an art shop, communicating with the counterman in my pathetic version of sinhala. The english translation of the convo went something like this…

Counterman: Ah madam, what colours do you want?
Me: That one, and that one, and this whole box.
Counterman: Ok. And check out this easel and these new paintbrushes, if you want.
Me: Yes yes I saw that. I don’t want.
Counterman: Madam? 😐
Me: I said I looked at it…
Counterman: *Guffaws hysterically* Madam! You’re so funny!
Me: What? What’s so funny? Have you gone nuts? I said I SAW IT!
Counterman: *Still giggling, writes up my bill and gives me my change*
Me: o_O

Later, after discussing this weirdness with others, I made the most retarded discovery.
Instead of saying, ‘Mameh baluwa!’ …meaning, I saw it,
I had been saying, ‘Mameh balala!’ …meaning, I am a cat.


In other news, the evil nurses got here and sucked my blood to take back to Dr Dracula, and tests say I’m fine and am not dying after all. Invain, all those plans of informing people at icecream shops of my ‘deadly disease’ and getting sympathy free food… Meaw! πŸ˜›

Obama’s Presidential Inauguration was a historical event that the world could not get enough of, before, during, and even after. Everyone’s still busy yapping about it on almost every news channel.

Even the comedians!

First off, I heart Jon Stewart.
And I heart Stephen Colbert even more.

Immature little darlings who love to make fun of everything, pissing off all the hodgy-podgy-cases in the process! Is it any wonder I love em so much? πŸ˜‰

Behold, The Daily Show‘s (i.e. Jon Stewart’s) take on Obama’s big day.
Jon pokes fun at all sortsa sillyass things, from Cheney’s ev0l appearance in his wheelchair, to the awkweird Obama-insulting-Bush-in-speech moment, to Aretha Franklin’s hat.
My favourite part is Jon being silly about that cute little wrinkly old man’s speech! LOL.

Also, in the second part of this TDS episode, he tickles the suspicions of skeptics of this new ‘Change’ agenda, with exaggerated scrutiny of Obama’s speech.

All in good humour! And it makes me laugh my tonsils out every time, so ‘sall good.

OHOH and remember The O’Reilly Factor? Fox News? For those of you who don’t know already, Stephen Colbert’s The Colbert Report is a total parody and mockery of O’Reilly’s show, the treat for those who can’t stand Fox’s biased reporting.
Here’s Colbert in character on O’Reilly’s show!
Absofuckinglutely hilarious.

Ode to Loss

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We used to be so good together.
I don’t think I knew anything else that made me more happy than just a few hours with you.
I always knew what buttons of yours to push and exactly how to turn you on and when.
But that fateful dusty night, you slipped away. I didn’t know how or why, and I tried to get you back, but, it was too late.
*Cue Baby, Come Back song*
Now who’s going to replace you?
Besides my webcam, that is.

I lost my sweetheart digital camera in a tuk-tuk one night after a late assignment. πŸ˜›
So been fooling around with the webcam these days. Crappy quality, and I can’t take it to the beach (my usual photo-haunt), but it’s better than nothing no?

Finally got a proper pic of Cookie! This is her seated pompously on my lap and watching images of herself being fed onto the PC screen.

And the sweetest Alice-in-Wonderland-ey purple shoes I got at Lakshmi‘s last week!

Sigh. I need a proper camera aney. But alas! My current money-making schemes are taking quite a while to produce results.
And I’m pretty sure none of my stingyass friends are willing to get me one for free, come the Getting Old Day in exactly 16 days.

My irritating sibling has really rich friends. One guy let him have a beautiful flatscreen PC for a really cheap price, some of them give him posh phones, some have dads who like, OWN the Maldivean islands or something.

Where are these filthy-rich people and why am I not friends with them?!?
What, I’m too goday, is that it?!
Wait, don’t answer that.

But srsly. I’m sure there’s gotta be some crazy get-rich-quick scheme out there that promises results within 6 months?
Besides robbing a bank or befriending rich kids. Or blackmailing John Travolta.

Is that a… manbag?

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Went out for a spin in Dr Mum’s car today. Yes, weep, all those others who are yet to drive around legally! Nyahahaha!
Anyway, stopped to restore my canvas and paint collection at Art World, and headed off with Dr Mum to ye ol’ ispirithaalaye.

So after all the boring little patients had walked in and out the hospital door, Dr Mum calls in the last patient… Tall rugged fellow, young, cute. But egad! What is that in his hand?

Such a pretty dandy looking white handbag, something quite like this. Awfully complimentary to his white shirt, I might add. Ehehe.

Now I’m quite sure he wasn’t carrying it for a girlfriend or a mother because he’d been waiting in the plastered white aisle alone, except for his little brother. And this boy didn’t seem all that, um, weirdgirlyguy either.

So, hum ho, assuming the bloke was in his right mind at the time, is this some sort of (ahem) ‘metrosexuality‘ seeping into Colombo? Hey hey, stop sniggering! Metrosexuality is like, the next big thang itseems. Justin Timberlake and David Beckham, both alleged mancandy, are apparently metrosexual!

And remember Joey from Friends? The handbag episode and the lipstick for men?! Joey Tribbiani, metrosexual, BUT, a lady’s man.

So everyone knows fashion amongst the general public is an arena women rule for the most part. From what I hear, being metrosexual means you’re a man who can own fashion and be all ‘hip’, but somehow avoid being, as Arny puts it, a gurly man.
Tricky stuff, that.

Think SL’s ready for metrosexual men? What say you? I say go right ahead, boys. More fodder for my entertainment! Hoo!