Two Thousand and Nine

Posted: January 2, 2009 in Uncategorized

My recent absence from the blogosphere for the past couple of days can be explained by the aches in my limbs and the sugar rush in my brain.

Just got back last evening from a kickass new years getaway, planned by yours truly, which begun on the 30th morn in Ratnapura with mum’s side of the entire extended family (the crazy kooky side).

The long winding path to the ‘Ecolodge’ can be described as nothing less than Hell, and I was later demanded by an uncle to pay for the damages done to his jeep. :/
Plus the house was a chutti modest cottage with gaudy pink walls and cheaply polished floors. Needless to say, I could see from the tired looks of everyone’s faces that they were almost about to strangle me for picking the place as our holiday haven.

Buuuuutttt, soon enough, after showers and such and once frustrations that rose from the long winding Hell path simmered down… the holiday spirit seeped into the air, the spirit that tends to naturally come when you’re travelling with a bunch of crazy fun people. Minus, of course, the handful of wet blankets = old people who didn’t like the idea of ‘roughing it’ (i.e. not having rooms with spring mattresses and air conditioning).

Soon, between games of Bullshit, badminton and Carrom, the kids (the majority of us) were bodyslamming into the natural spa out back, building a campfire, dancing around the fire quite godayly, staring at the freakishly starry night sky, running around pel-mel outside and attempting to create echoes in the mountains, trekking through the woods…

Enz, Thursday, Missno, Shaky and me even did our own mad rock-climbing stunt down the stream into some foreign jungle for hours.. in just t-shirts and shorts, barefoot! Memorabilia of weird shaped pebbles, huge leaves from the escapade, pictures of bugs and leech-bite victims, stream-water-soaked sneakers, now clutter my closet.

2009 came quietly, despite all the haa-hoo from earlier hours. A lot of us were just yakking and joking about random things, till all who were left awake when the clock struck 12 were about three of us. We ran outside and screamed to the fireflies and all who were listening in the surrounding forest and star-speckled black skies that it was a happy new year. The following 2 hours were just spent laughing at the annoyingly lame new year SMS forwards, calling up close buddies and wishing them, talking about new plans, the past, blahblah etcetera.

2008 went by way too fast and something tells me 2009’s gonna go even faster. My plans for this year? Have the maximum fun possible before college starts in September. I think with a kickstart to the year like this one, that won’t be much of a problem. 😉

  1. FINroD says:

    haha.. nice one.. shif.. although picturing u in a T shirt and shorts is a little hard to fathom lol… hehehehe… but totally fits your personality heheh..

  2. realskullzero says:

    hehe….well nice, just getting away from the rush and enjoying the dawn in an absolutely splendid manner…lol nice pic btw..hope u hv a great year ahead…

  3. Sigma says:

    Absolutely stunning photograph Mak’s

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