The Trial of Doom

Posted: January 8, 2009 in Uncategorized

Getting a driving license in good ol’ Sri Lanka is a trial in more ways than one. One needs to learn endurance, and be very, VERY patient.
Needless to say, there being not a single patient bone in my body, today’s experience drove me stark raving mental.

We entered the driving test arena at 9am, at which time other hopefuls stood around waiting for their chance to wreak havoc on Lankan roads.

By 1pm, what with the nauseating combo of the sweltering heat and the eternal waiting (and waiting, and waiting) for the idiot examiner to come out and test us: the people waiting since 9am now lay sprawled on the ground, leaning on trees, fanning themselves with driving-manual books, spitting out curse words with as much fierceness as they did their red spit.

Long story short, my turn finally came, and like a child who was finally allowed to eat the candy she was promised in the morning, I hopped into the driver’s seat. It was over in a matter of 5 minutes! A straight road, and a lane to reverse into. :/ Easy as chocolate PIE!

So yes, people. I now have a License to Kil- I mean, Drive. So.. WATCH OUT! Nyahahaaaa!

In other news, my mother, apparently, is not only sexist when it comes to cats (as mentioned here): ‘I will not let you have a female cat! Annoying critters littering eternally! ..OH SHE’S PERSIAN? THEN BY ALL MEANS!’
RACIST! (And even after the terrible experience of adopting Sumo, the persian cat with the toxic pee! That is a story for another day, my friends.)

I’m not complaining anyway, for the so-called ‘Anti-Makuluwa’ has found it in his normally mean black heart to let me adopt his lovely black persian kitten! (Also, special thanks to him for designing my blog’s current playlist!)
I shall name it Jujubi or Sloshy, or some such weirdass name. Your suggestions for freakish kitten-names are also most welcome!

  1. Anti-Makuluwaa says:

    she ALREADY has a name…which she dun respond to anyways 😐 haha well we just call her kitty nw

  2. DeeCee says:

    who’s this anti-makuluwa??!lucky u! 🙂 want to hear more about this toxic peeing cat

  3. Sabby says:

    They say that cat’s remember and respond to names ending with the sound ‘E’…So how about ermmm…Makulee?? =D

  4. FINroD says:

    :O :O :O u got ur license.. grrr.. lucky u.. hope my exams as easy as tht..

  5. Lady divine says:

    a persian? NICE!and congrats for getting your license!!! :)We WILL watch out even more now..:)

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