Random little Friday

Posted: January 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

Needing to badly get my mind off the recent horrifyingly intensified media oppression raging on in SL, turning emo at the occasional mentionings of Lasantha’s cruel and unavenged murder, I looked for some concrete distraction today.

Visited my old school to witness a butt-kicking rendition of Ceasar and other lovely things played out by our finest actresses, and then spent most of the day at Muja’s where we had our usual eternal philosophical rambling sessions teamed with cold chocolate drinks. Quite therapeutic.

Got home, watched Tropic Thunder, soon followed by Pineapple Express, and my face and stomach really hurt from all the relentless guffawing.

I didn’t really know what either movie was going to be about, so naturally, between Robert Downey Jr.’s impersonation of a black man, Tom Cruise’s swearing, and the hilariously high Seth Rogen, I laughed so hard that the exhaustion has made me very sleepy before midnight, which is weird for a nocturnal interblag-addict like me.

Tomorrow, I take mummy darling’s Chevrolet for a spin around town! Maybe head down to Mount Lav to get that nose-ring for Chokka Bunnis.

Random little Friday. A little disoriented now, as you can see from all the nonsensical rambling. Last thoughts before I pass out…

R.I.P. Lasantha Wickremetunge. Though all the laughter today has made things lighter to bear, there’s still something that feels like a heavy stone lodged behind my ribs. It swells with a question that remains unanswered and ignored, perhaps for fear of the answer itself: will we ever truly be free?


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