Posted: January 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

‘Anti-Makuluwa’ stopped by today and dropped off his kitten, such an adorable thing! The kitten I mean. 😛

Majestically Persian, black with brown tints on her tummy, she let out a short yelp when being passed into my arms. “Bai bai, evil boogerman!” I imagined her saying to her former owner. Hee hee.

Anyway, like someone whose adoption pleas had finally been answered, I carried the kitty like a baby into the hall and yelled “LOOK AT THE KITTY!” and all at once, she was given full attention and ‘ooh’s and ‘aah’s by all at home.

Strutting her stuff all over the place, sniffing at every corner and couch, I watched as she made herself familiar to her new home. What will I name her? was the big question.

I am known for giving my cats weird-as-hell names. I never repeat the names, and they’re very rarely heard of. Pushkin, Bonkers, Bandiya, Princess Fussypants, Pumpkin, to name a few.

Finally having silenced Anti-Makuluwa’s annoying text messages of ‘are you sure you can handle cats?’ and ‘feed her pieces of chicken!’ by eventually getting the cat to eat boiled meat from my hand, I sat with her on the kitchen floor testing out different names on her.

Me: Raksha! Shall we call you Raksha?
Cat: Mew. (rubbing her face on the floor and wagging her tail angrily.)
Me: Something with a royaltyish ring to it! Miu? Irisi?
Dad: What the hell?
Me: In Egypt, Miu means gentle! And Irisi is the daughter of a goddess!
Dad: How about something NORMAL for once? Like Sara? Or LIZZIE! I like Lizzie.
Me: That’s boring. Tikiri? JUJUBI!
Dad: That’s goday.
Mum: Don’t you poop around the house, missy! (at cat)
Me: Ma, don’t scare the thing.. How about Missy? You like Missy?
Cat: (cavernous yawn)
Me: Yeah Missy’s boring.
Mum: Blackie?
Me: Godayness. My wittle jujuboogywooshiwoowoo!
Dad: Er.. that’s a little hard to pronounce no?
Me: Um that was just me cooing at her, sorry.

After much deliberation, and when no one was left in the discussion but me and the cat, half asleep on her side,
Me: COOKIE! Hi Cookie.
Cat: (just looks at me with wide eyes)
Me: I will take that as a yes.

So yes, Cookie is my new friend and I love her to pieces! SUCH a contrast to the awful Sumo the Persian cat with the Toxic Pee. Thanks Anti-Mak, I owe you one!

  1. Anti-Makuluwaa says:

    COOKIE ? 😐

  2. Azrael says:

    That’s one adorable kitteh 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    god have mercy on that poor soul!

  4. ShaiStar says:

    aww u lucky thing!she’s a beauty

  5. realskullzero says:

    Well never fan of cats…but was reading what you wud name…”Cookie” same as our neighbor’s little dog..

  6. DeeCee says:

    omg.. I WANT TO…ROLL THAT KITTY..and EAT..yes, EAT HIM! TOO TOO TOOO CUTE! you seriously cannot do this to meee…..sighhhh….want!

  7. Sabby says:

    Awwww Cookie’s just adorable!She’s a little munchikinsnigglywiggly! =)

  8. Anti-Makuluwaa says:

    okay den…start bidding ppl…for a few peacock designed notes (1000 buck notes) she cud be all urs…bidding starts off @ 5000 😉

  9. Makuluwo says:

    @ Anti-mak- she's MINE now, mister. So, FAT CHANCE! >.< @ everyone else- I knooowwww! 😀

  10. AmethystSoul says:

    Ah, she’s SO ADORABLE!!!

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