Virtual hilarity

Posted: January 15, 2009 in Uncategorized

I was just musing today on how fast technology has taken reign over all our lives, in just a matter of a decade really. I remember using a pencil on paper to write whatever was on my mind only about eleven years ago, and today I can’t even fathom ‘writing’ anything without the feel of the keyboard under my fingertips.

I recollected some random lines used by people in real life, amusingly a show of our adjustments to virtual life in the 21st century…

Me: What you doing this Saturday?
A: Whaddaya mean? Sit at home and watch American Idol reruns, what else?
Me: Haha you have absolutely no social life no?
A: That’s NOT true! I have 1,200 friends on MySpace ok!

Dad (just getting into the interweb-thang): Here, put me also on the line will you.
Me: It’s ONline.
Dad: But that’s grammatically wrong no… what is this LINE anyway?
Me: There IS no line!
Dad: What? Oh oh right, it’s all virtual, like imaginary, so you can be on the line but there’s no real line is it?
Me: -_-

B: I hate you!
B: I hate you so much, don’t ever talk to me again!
C: I hate you so @%!@%%$ much I’m going to BLOCK YOU on yahoo and DELETE you on hi5 AND ORKUT…
B: *GASP!*

D: I love him soooo much!!!
Me: You cheeseball. So what are you going to give him for the birthday and all?
D: He’s going to be SO surprised!! Let me show you!
Me: (Waits, assuming she’s going to take a gift out of her bag)
D: (Shows me the screen of her cellphone instead) See this e-card website?!? There’s this CUUUUTE birthday card with tiny cute singing penguins aney! And they do a little dance also!

Dad: You young people, always blogging and all.
Me: Dad, do you even know what blogging is?
Dad: Well of course!
Me: What?
Dad: Uh.. er.. um.. it’s just, when… you young people, get together and have little chats and things on the line.
Me: -_-

And my favourite, with Chokka Bunnis on the phone today…

H: I had such a stressful day today, man. Horrible shit.
Me: Wow, what are you gonna do?
H: I’m so frustrated… argh! SO frustrated that I think I’m going to poke EVERYone on Facebook and nudge EVERYone on MSN!

  1. Azrael says:

    Ha Ha sign of changing times 😀

  2. Sabby says:

    We are so network dependent, it’s just sad (Signs into facebook) =DHehee!

  3. Anti-Makuluwaa says:

    oh now i know who chokka bunis is…hahah 😛

  4. Sachintha says:

    I soooooo very much know what you mean.Once, there was a problem with my laptop and had to send it for repair. It took nearly a week to be returned and I spent that whole time without internet. First, I was like going crazy!But then, later it felt good. I read a book, went out at night, smelled the air, just enjoyed the world a bit…We all SHOULD spend less time with computers…

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