A day with Saint Muffin

Posted: January 16, 2009 in Uncategorized

Today’s blog post is quite… freakishly random. 😛

So I made a ritual visit this morning to Saint Muffin’s shrine of Holy Gorgeousness, instead of to work.
Adorning Muffin’s room, or shrine as I like to call it, are hand-paintings all over the walls and… everywhere you look, beautiful, yummy, funky shoes, bags, bracelets and rings.
I kid you not.

The woman’s room is cluttered with these amazing exotic-looking accessories and gorgeous footwear, such as her kissable sunshine shoes, which she tells me she gets from occasional pilgrimages to India. I tell Saint Muffin I have come to visit her gracious saintly self but often have I found myself coming to feast my greedy little eyes upon her shrine of shinyness!

Saint Muffin lives far from the dirty polluted vulture-infested world that the average city being comes from, safely reserved to her colourful painted blue temple, and often I carry messages to her abode of the ways of the world outside.

I taught her to smoke a ciggie today. Guilt pinched me in the upper cerebral lobe just a teensy bit thinking of what I had tainted as Saint Muffin took a puff and beheld the white roll with awe, as though I had just introduced her to some magic mareejoowana.

Then I sprayed DKNY (from her startlingly large array of designer perfumes) all over the room, and yelled ‘Dance, dance!’ and we twirled around the room in a sort of crazyinthebrain way. No, we didn’t really have too much mareejoowana, just getting rid of the stench of cig smoke in the room and on our clothes before Saint Sr. got home. 😛

Anyway, as I usually do, on my leave I asked Saint Muffin to bless me by offering me a memoir of her shrine.
By this, of course, I mean I tackled her to the ground and used tickling techniques to make her let me borrow this beautiful red-stoned ring and a bohemian-looking chain. During this struggle I made a weird self-discovery! That I am not ticklish anywhere, except on my ears. 😐

So yes, that was my day at Saint Muffin’s.

And now I must be off to bed early, as I must awake to a glorious weekend! One with much ice-cream at Carnival and drama at Lionel Wendt to be had! Have a great weekend, folks.

  1. Anti-Makuluwaa says:

    next time mix da ciggie wit da mareejoowana better kick 😉 hahaha

  2. Sigma says:

    Sounds like a delightful afternoon….

  3. Anonymous says:

    you smoke weed?! coolness! 🙂

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