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Posted: January 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

Why do we sometimes find ourselves caring about people who don’t even give a shit about us one bit?

It is so.fucking.annoying. that I could almost just slap myself.

On a totally unrelated and chirpy note, I just finished watching Slumdog Millionare. Sheer brilliance, I tell you.

A movie based in Bombay, or Mumbai as it is now called, directed by Golden Globe award winning Danny Boyle, Slumdog Millionaire flowed rich with culture and human experience.

It was very, very reminiscent of my favourite book, Shantaram, beautifully, magnificently painting out the lives of the slumworld in Bombay, their struggle for survival and their littlest and greatest triumphs. A delicious treat for most of us who are so ignorant of, and curious of, the complexities and the vibrancy of foreign worlds beyond the tiny fraction of the Earth we live on.

The parts played by Bollywood greats Irrfan Khan and Anil Kapoor, and the trip-hop semi-hindi beats (produced by music moghul A. R. Rahman) that followed the adventures of the story’s characters, definitely added to the ambience of the 2 and a half hour production.

In this story so ordinary and credible in its earthyness, yet so alive with Indian and even wholly Asian personality, what I found so appealing was its finely-woven simplicity… like that song you hear on the radio that’s got such a simple tune but its lyrics instantly hit home?

Though essentially a Hollywood movie, it even has a teensy bit of Bollywood sprinkled at the very end for good measure, with a silly little dance sequence. Besides the unlikelihood of the kids in the Mumbai slum speaking English, and even occasionally using American slang (prolly for liking of the Western audiences), the movie was simply yummy, and left me with an insatiable appetite for another captivating story of human livelihood.

Rating: 9/10

  1. Paparé Boy says:

    Is this movie available here on DVD? And uh… interesting how you refer to A. R. Rahman as a “mogul” of the industry. :DDo you like his music or not?

  2. Makuluwo says:

    I got the movie off torrentz, I think our local shops are a bit late on getting the original DVD.And I do like his music.. hence the mogul reference. o_O

  3. Paparé Boy says:

    Yeah, the dude’s brilliant! What’s your favourite of his work?

  4. DeeCee says:

    oo i wanna watch this…

  5. Makuluwo says:

    My alltime favourite HAS to be his ‘Vande Matram’… SO moving! And I’m not even Indian! Pure genius, that man. What’s yours?

  6. Paparé Boy says:

    Yeah, I like Vande Mataram too… very moving indeed. :)Of his movie soundtracks I’d say Roja and Dil Se are my all time favourites.I’m not that big on Hindi movies, but I wouldn’t mind sitting through the few good ones out there as long as the score is by Rahman and/or the director is someone sensible who believes that there is more to movie making than getting your cast to dance around trees like retards and getting them to regurgitate cringe worthy dialogue. :p

  7. Makuluwo says:

    Haha couldn’t agree more, man. 😉

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