Obama Mania

Posted: January 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

So Cookie, the parents and I all sat down to watch the whole US Presidential Inauguration thing on ArtTV.
In a rockstar-like occasion, Barack Hussein Obama became the President of the US at 10.30PM Sri Lankan time, 5 minutes before taking his oath. Why rockstar-like? Gajillions were watching, people were crying and screaming, and Aretha Franklin and Yo-Yo Ma performed; need I say more?

Moojah and I used to always whine back when we wandered aimlessly down school corridors that we live in such an uneventful period in time, and that we’d prolly never be witness to anything as revolutionary as KISS or Che Guevera or Godzilla. Ok the last one’s fictional but still.

But yay! The first ever black president of the United States has stepped up, when only 50 years ago african-americans were forced to live as second-class citizens to white americans. An obviously groundbreaking mark in history. I watched Obama’s impeccably worded speech with rapt attention, thinking, woah one day my grandkids are gonna want me to tell them all about this.

I’ve never really been politically interested, much less in US politics, before this election. Always was that one who was cynical about all politicians (with good reason) and laughed and waved away their ‘promising speeches’. But from the very start, I remember watching Obama’s first debate against McCain, and I just thought, man this guy is going to kick some serious republican ass. Overnight, I transformed from politically apathetic to Obamafanatic. I even own an Obama campaign button!

Dad was really pessimistic about Obama from the beginning, cynical about America’s large white population and the chances of democracy being crushed beneath the heel of racism. So it was like eating sweet muffins to remind Daddy dearest of all those old snide remarks tonight, and (literally) go, HA HA IN YOUR FACE LUZR! followed by a cocky dance all around the room.

Anyway, I do hope Obama meant all that he said in his first presidential speech. Because, boy, what a speech. It wasn’t sugary or one of those annoyingly vague optimistic things; it was realistic, a reality-check: America, we’ve got ourselves into some deep shit, internationally, sociopolitically, economically. And though we won’t fix it overnight, with this new plan, and this total change in the way we do things, we will fix it.

He’s got some guts, I’ll give him that much. Obama wants a complete reconstruction in the way America handles its money, its people, and its relationships with other countries. A whole break-down and rebuild-up. Definitely has got his platter full and I wish him all the very best, because if he succeeds eventually, it won’t be a change just for the US, but inevitably the world.

Can we even fathom the possibility of an Obama ever rising to even challenge the political norm with Definite Change here in Sri Lanka? America, you lucky bastard, you.

Obama’s inauguration means the initiative for entire Change in the way America functions. But also the triumph of Mister King’s dream. The latter tickled my cynicism though; has humanity been petty for so long during all these years of ‘civilization’ and ‘intelligence’, that it has taken this long for a man of just a different skin tone to become US President?

  1. Sachintha says:

    Hey, I’m somewhat sick of all this Obama mania.I mean, it’s all great to have a black man in the office, and all…But what’s SO much fuss?Let the man do his job for four (prolly 8) years and then talk about and praise him for his achievements, if he can do what he says he will.Btw, liked your blog, and going to add to my blogroll…Cheers!

  2. Paparé Boy says:

    Yeah, it was a great speech (as usual), but I dunno… didn’t you feel that it wasn’t as kick-ass as his acceptance speech on Election Night?Well, it was, actually; Obama is probably the greatest orator of our time and no speech of his will ever be anything less than frickin’ amazing. And, like you said, it was a speech that talked about the real issues at hand, and as one guy on CNN put it (I think it was Anderson Cooper), it wasn’t a speech that can be called “timeless” – you know, the kinda speech that people could relate to, say, two hundred years from now, à la Lincon, but one that told his people of the shit that he has inherited as President of the US of A and how he intends to deal with it, and how the American people should not lose faith in the power of their democracy, etc., etc.Most of Obama’s oft quoted lines have that timeless quality to them, and I’m not saying this speech didn’t have such memorable lines. It did. But not as many as I would’ve liked. But that’s just my personal opinion.I dunno, being the historic occasion that it was, and he being the great speaker that we all know he is, I felt he should’ve tried to make the most important speech of his life at least a tad more… “inspiring” (for the lack of a better word). 🙂

  3. Makuluwo says:

    Yeah, Papare boy, I think it could have been WAY better. I remember getting goosebumps listening to his Election Night one! And I’m not even American! 😛 And welcome, Sachintha! 🙂 Thanks for the kind words. And people tend to get hyped up about new things aney, it’s silly but eh that’s society no.

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