I’m Sick II

Posted: January 22, 2009 in Uncategorized

I think I might be
Losing my mind

Sprawled out on the grass
Looking at the sky
The golubella nearby is whispering to me
What? I can’t hear you
Speak louder!
Its voice is lost in the cacophony
That’s exploding inside my head
Stupid, stupid questions
Wrong answers, wrong answers!
Repeat, repeat, again, again
Until I want to scratch my ears out

I am not me
I’m doing things I don’t do
Saying things I don’t say
Possessed by a madman
I’m sliding down the tunnel
Into that dark hole I climbed out of
Shit, it’s dark in here

Is anybody here? Can you hear me?
Just the voices arguing in my head again
Do this, don’t do that, no do that, not this
Why did you do this? Go back and do that right!
Shut up, shut it up!
The air is quiet but there’s so much noise

I think I might be
Losing my mind

What’s worse
I think I like it

  1. Sabby says:

    Ooooh sounds very Alice in Wonderland-ish…but instead of an insane rabbit, its a…golubella!=DHopefully, its not the purple spots bringing on this bout of insanity.

  2. DeeCee says:

    i like

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