Worst Pick-up Line

Posted: February 24, 2009 in Uncategorized

So the funniest thing happened to me on the way home yesterday no!
It was straight out of a freaking cheesy Tamil movie.

I’d just finished off an assignment and took a tuk-tuk back home, and got dropped off a few blocks from my lane cuz I felt like taking a little afternoon walk.

Skipping down the pavement, I heard a HEY on my left and saw two 20-somethings on motorbikes.
Rating of cuteness: 8/10.
Yes I always size things up, terribly condescending no?

‘Heylo’ said they, in a questionable tone of voice.
Which pretty much translates to Joey Tribbiani’s ‘How you doin’?‘ in SL-guys-checking-girls-out slang. 😛

No biggy, just kept walking. And while I was getting closer to my lane, the silly coots drive by way too close to the pavement with another insistent Heylo!

So one of the buggers is sitting on his bike in the distance and looking behind, whilst I am inevitably walking in his direction. I cross the street prematurely instead.

Finally get into my lane. Vroom vroom noise somewhere behind me. Pesky tuk-tuks, I think.

SUDDENLEH, this guy appears on his bike on my left, while I’m just a few gates from my house.
‘Hey.. can I like.. have your number?’
Wow. Awesome pick up line, Mister Suave.
‘Uh no…?’
‘No, I am not giving you my number…?’
‘Bugger off, man. Me-no-number-give, comprehendé?’
‘Pleaaaz?’ Nervous puppy-dog-look.
WTF. 😐 Had to struggle not to laugh. Does he seriously think that’ll work?
‘No.. leave me alone kay?’
‘Okay..’ Looking sad and dejected, the silly goose follows me a few feet more just for good measure, then turns his bike around.
Oh but he’s not done yet.
‘Well… maybe you could take my number in case-‘
At this point, my face is contorted with a strange mix of confusion and about-to-burst-out-laughing-ness.
Mister Suave finally gets the message at that point and leaves, his motorbike grunting with the pang of rejection.

LOL I almost feel sorry for the poor guy. Seemed like a harmless little thing, a kid on his bike so naive enough to imagine a girl would stop in her tracks and hand him her number on polite request.
Amusing, and atleast he gets credit for building up the guts. 😉

And I know what Saint Muffin would have to say about this.
Shaa cute boys on motorbikes practically throwing themselves at you now ah? Too much!

Yes. Yes they are. 😀

  1. Sabby says:

    Haney, how very polite. The ones I was harrassed by usually go ‘Aney, nangi, monade nangi, deneko nangi…’ after which, its followed by ‘apoo meyagey pus part balanneko’ *sigh* poor hurt male ego. =)

  2. Pavithri says:

    AwwwwwwwCutesy cute men!Hehe, i pitcure all that in me head. Seemed very cute, in my head that is. Pau indeed!*hugs*

  3. TheWhacksteR says:

    ah er that doesnt work is it? *crosses off list*how about,’hey have you been feeling TIRED lately’?response (inevitable) er.. no! WHY?ços uv been running around in my mind for the last five minutes!SLAM DUNK eh

  4. The Unsilent says:

    Ahh nangi… :DWhack your pickup lines are lame.. now mine are off the hook, this is a sample..’Hey was your dad ever a terrorist?’response: No (shocked) why?i was wondering how he raised a bomb like u!!LOL patta ne.. i couldn’t resist!

  5. The Celestial Dream says:

    Hehe I kinda liked Whacky’s one Unsilent, but yes yes , patta patta!HeHe *hugs*

  6. Anonymous says:

    writing a whole blog about this shows the fact that guys hardly ever approach u. grls who are approached ALOT dont bother mentioning these stuff. they’re humble that way.

  7. TheWhacksteR says:

    a VERY humble one right there all right:DOh NO! did it hurt??what?? dd WHAT hurt?did it hurt when you fell down from…k k a bit lame thatlets see if unsilent’s got more than one line then eh

  8. Gehan says:

    @ anon – err.. ur point being? so its her fault that random idiots dnt approach her everyday asking for her number? kinda makes her the lucky one right?as for the post, men are idiots arent they? 😀 lol i can understand guys havin the guts to ask a girl her number, but at least be a sport about it and have some dignity.. @ unsilent – dnt act like that was a joke, u were sittin by da screen waiting to see if that worked didnt u? 😉 lol

  9. The Celestial Dream says:

    heheh Aiyoo Whacky you should have finished it ne!!!Koko!!

  10. Makuluwo says:

    LOL wonderfully cheesey lines, guys! :DAnd Anon, what? Yes this is the first time anyone on a bike’s followed me home to beg me for my number. o_OUsually it’s just the crappy catcalls or the non-weirdass flirtation.Me not one of the humble ones as Whacko’s implied with his sarcasm though. 😉

  11. The Unsilent says:

    damn u gehan!! ur ruining it for me! (how did u know) :PYep i got more.. :DIs your name Gillette?Bcos u are the best a man can get!! 😀

  12. Makuluwo says:

    LMAO. Ohmygawd, girls might actually fall for those, The Unsilent, not because they’re smexy pickup lines but because they’d make them laugh! ;D

  13. AmethystSoul says:

    Rofl at the pickup lines. You guys sure know cheese, don’tcha.And the poor bike kid. Leastways he’s one of the sweet ones. Not like the ones who follow you suggesting various sexual favours they’d like. Urgh.

  14. Sean says:

    Pick up lines… do they ever work?Well, I had a mate who ‘claims’ he’s had success with the line:”That’s a really nice dress, pity its going to get crushed and rumpled on my floor tonight…”Personally, I think the best pick up lines are not the onvious ones but the ones that just break the ice…

  15. Anonymous says:

    Me -“I know this sounds weird…but in all honesty…did it hurt” *points vaguely at the girl* Pretty – “did? what? hurt?!?Me – “Did it hurt when you fell down from heaven”I tried it once on my cousins friend who “apparently” thought i was cute…she giggled, called me an ass, asked me if the line worked and i did eventually dance with the girl so…( :p ) corny sad pickup lines DO work…at least to get things started!!! heheh as for thy mobike boy – heheh 🙂 *smile of pity* the poor bastard! 😉 take care and have a great day! Cheers! Kaiser!

  16. Paparé Boy says:

    @The Unsilent and Sean – ROFL! 😀

  17. The Celestial Dream says:

    LMAO @ Unsilent & Sean!

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