To be 16 again?

Posted: February 26, 2009 in Uncategorized

Close your eyes and imagine you’re a 16 year old girl.
Even the boys, go on, imagine. 😛

So my ‘creative prowess’ (ehehe!) is being exploited by Lansi, who’s requested my help to create a birthday gift for a 16 year old.

It’s going to be a huge canvas-collage filled with random 16-year-old-girl stuff itseems.

I can’t really remember much about my 16th year besides the general mad careless fun of tenth grade, a few crushes and being a maha pandithaya about everything (some things never change!).

So I’d love some feedback from you guys on what you think being 16 is all about.
About everything from youth to discovery to pimples to parents! In any shape or form of poem, prose, picture or random jibber jabber.

Be as creative and as uncheesy as possible, no lines from Britney’s Not a girl, not yet a woman song please. 😉


  1. The Celestial Dream says:

    Hmmm being 16 for me was attempting to grow up, but failing and trying to figure out what life was all about. Never really found out the latter. Being 16 is all about your friends. For me it was all purple, hugs and lotsa love. Oh, and the times we went out and just did crazy things. Friends, friends and oh more friends. Plus, for a girl like me would be, music related, artsy, and lotsa poetry! Sowwy abt the madness :SHUGS????

  2. Sigma says:

    Sorry Maks, being 16 as a guy was surreal enough without having to imagine it as a girl – though I confess that they did play a significant, albeit imaginary, role in it.. Truth is that in spite of the raging hormones, the terrors of sitting for my OL’s was a real damper!

  3. PseudoRandom says:

    Random crushes on guys you don’t even know (e.g. “guy in the blue t-shirt who was standing outside odel on saturday at 1.22pm” kinda thing), exams, hormones, fashion, fitting in, standing out…suddenly becoming aware of the world around you and realising not everything is rosy and not everyone is nice.Hmm hang on…that sounds more like my life now! :POh and apparently kids these days like glitter lip gloss and eye shadow. Who knew?!

  4. Makuluwo says:

    Haha thanks guys. :)And PR, LOL I just remembered those crushes on complete strangers! Man.. happy ol days.

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