Chapter Six: On The Run

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Continued from here.

He hurriedly bundled them into it and headed off to Iceland.

No, this was no ordinary tuk-tuk, oh no.

It was the product of the scientific innovation, transportalation, an experiment that was still underway by the 4S (Sri Lankan Society for Secret Science.. Secret because, well, god forbid what the goons in the government would do if they got their hands on a beauty like the Transportalator!).

Willy and Blue, being key members of the Society (hell, their mentor Professor G was one of the chairpeople) had the privilege of ‘testing out’ science experiments, at their own peril of course, for everyday use. As long as the common man didn’t catch them doing it.

Nevertheless if such an accident should occur, there were… ways… of fixing it.
But that dark story is for another day.

In a matter of 30 seconds of strange disorienting jelly-fluidity-ness and psychedelic red and purple flashes of light, Blue, Willy and Hothead, were in one of the 157 4S headquarters around the world: a giant glacier clearing, with a great dome-shaped black building that sat bluntly before them 60 feet away.

‘We’re here,’ Willy said, climbing out of the tuk-tuk and unstrapping the helmet off his very rotund bald little head.

Blue took his off, and then held what was in his arms out to Willy like it was a used tissue. The Hothead didn’t seem to have been affected at all by its helmet-less journey, nor by the Icelandic temperatures.

Very odd. Interesting. Must do more experiments on this one. thought Willy, placing the weird tildo in his arms, as it made incoherent blr blr noises.

Willy shivered and gestured towards the dome. ‘We’d better get into the thermal room, it’s below zero out here.’

‘Where.. the fuck.. are we?’ slurred Blue.

‘What’s with you?’

‘What’s with me? LOOK AT ME!’

Willy did.

Blue, standing 6 feet tall, looked quite out of character: his hair was pasty with sweat on his forehead from all the anxiety he’d been through (Hothead, Mrs G, Hothead Pee etc etc), and he had a look on his face that Willy thought could only be best described by a Led Zeppelin song: dazed and confused.

Oh ho, but what is this?

The torso region of Blue’s clothes, were quite literally gone. A gaping hole, as obvious as the aristocratic hook-nose on his face, revealed a hairy stomach and the upper regions of a pair of pink underpants.

‘Do you feel a draught creeping up in here…’ Blue said, pulling his coat tighter over his knobby shoulders, eyes as vacant as the cloudless sky in the clearing.

Willy got closer and squinted.

The cloth seems to have been burnt awaya mishap from the transportalation maybe?
What’s this? Greenish residue around the burnt edges..

‘Ohshit! What the- where- why is there a hole in my shirt, Will?’ Blue, suddenly broken out of his reverie, exclaimed, eyebrows furrowed with concern.

‘Choo choo!’ said the Hothead suddenly, followed by a series of low-pitched squawks, that unknown to the two scientists, were its way of conveying glee.

‘I believe, Blue,’ said Willy, pushing his frameless round specs up his stout nose, ‘that the subject’s pee is of acidic nature.’

Blue’s eyes went wide and in a matter of 10 seconds of frenzied movement, he was standing in the cold clearing, wearing nothing but his Queen Armadillo boxer shorts, teeth chattering wildly.

‘So… Queen Armadillo huh?’ said Willy.

Before Blue could respond, an earth-splitting explosion sent them skidding across the ice.
60 feet away, lay the 4S Icelandic HQs, engulfed by a monstrous flame.

‘Oh.. god, are you OK?’ Blue shouted, yelling over the roaring fire.
‘Yea- OHFUCKWHAT- where- where’s the hothead?!’
‘Where… the hell… is the tuk-tuk?’
The two scientists got up and looked around.
Nothing for miles and miles but solid black ice, eerie and motionless next to the ball of heat that their former headquarters had become.

A bolt of lightening suddenly ripped the sky. But it wasn’t even raining. Or thundering.
‘Did you see that?’ yelled Blue, whipping around.
‘See what?’ replied Willy, who’d been looking the other way.
‘Lightening, just now-‘


Willy lay on the ground. Black. Unmoving.


Bolts of lightening shot out from the sky and hit the ground below at random points.

WHAT. THE FUCK. IS GOING. ON. Blue stood there, his fingers pulling at his hair, eyes darting from the sky to Willy’s body, unbelieving.


Another bolt two feet from where he stood, the craaarkkk sound of the ice cracking at the spot more frightening than the faint smell of something burning.
He ran. He didn’t know what else to do. He turned his head over his shoulder and for a moment thought he caught Willy’s fingers twitch; he was alive.

But he couldn’t go back now. The bolts were getting more frequent. BZZT BZZT BZZT. He was going to die. Alone. In freaking Iceland. And he didn’t even comprehend it.

Maybe this was all just a bad dream.
Running through a remote clearing in my underwear with lightening bolts chasing me around?
That’s it, it’s all just a ba-

Before he could finish the thought, what he saw hovering above his head in the clear white sky, made him catch his breath, stop in his tracks, and scream like a little girl………………

Hee hee! Fun fun!
Your turn, Unsilent!

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