I got a heart attack

Posted: March 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

Ok, not really. But very nearly did!

When today, I was at ye ol’ school for Culture Day to see Saint Muffin in a saree (HEE HEE!), and WHAM suddenly someone is telling me Ajantha Mendis is dead in Pakistan.

Who told?

So there’s a bit of a frenzy at the back row where we’re sitting and I’m telling these squealy women (you know no, how women are..) to shut up and speak coherently, meanwhile texting Newsboy asking if any of it’s true.

SL cricket team were shot at while in Pakistan itseems, and this woman is getting off her phone saying her cousin just told her that Thilan and Ajith are dead, and others wounded.

So lots of ‘ooh!’s and ‘ssss!’s and ‘fuck!’s erupting from the gang, Princess Charming walks out of the hall with tears in her eyes also!

Well I knew better than to just take things at face value, cuz shit, mole hills turning into mountains is an understatement for how rumours carry around here. Also, though I’m not even much of a cricket fan, I didn’t really want to even fathom the death part.

I mean, cricket, like every other blogger out there’s had to say about it already, is one thing that Sri Lanka kicks some major ASS at. It’s something that’s just always been so… us. What happens if you kill something like that? Madness.

So anyway, after a while of calming down with Milos and samosas and getting proper info, we find out nobody on the cricket team’s dead, though some were injured.
Stupid idiots making up stories and causing mass hysteria! stfu.

Now, my question is, who the fuck would want to attack our cricketers with rockets, hand grenades, and kalashnikovs? KALASHNIKOVS?!
Srsly. Wtf.

  1. TheWhacksteR says:

    You mean ‘rockets and greandes!! WTF’!! right?Kalashnikovs are a dime a dozen over there…yeah you can blame the russians for thatshocked me too man. wonder if we’ll get to the bottom of THIS one

  2. Anonymous says:

    i knowwwwwwwwwwwi am so damn upset too but thank God i just heard sanga speak on the news…………………..not enuf announcing to the gang my well guarded secret of donning a saree you had to put that on your blog as well!……….maku i am all daggers!i am tearing bits of shanthanam now..hehe

  3. PseudoRandom says:

    I’ve been upset all day. I’m just grateful to the driver who kept driving. They would’ve been blown up otherwise. Thank goodness the boys are generally ok, and hopefully their injuries will be dealt with soon. It’s sad that those cops died though :-(.Sigh…I feel violated.

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