The hippy gathering

Posted: March 5, 2009 in Uncategorized

was kinda fun.

All thanks to Finrod for convincing me to go, since I was initially aversed to the idea of risking divulging my true identity.
Cuz you know, the aura of mysterious anonymity is nice to have and all.

Couldn’t stay for too long but while it lasted, twas evidently an interesting tool to voice out varying opinions in public among open-minded people- something that’s not too easy to do these days in Colombo.

I was starving when I walked into the room, but the smell of the arrack-tea sorta offed my appetite completely. Fixed the hungry-problem either way!

Most memorable for me was indi’s ‘Colombo, you’re a coward’ piece, which he will hopefully be putting up online sometime for others to enjoy.

Also quite memorable was this guy’s song on Periods… yes, those periods… and Brandon Ingram’s funny little take on the screwed-up-ness of fairytales. And Natty’s divine singing.

Met a whole bunch of bloggers, though I had no idea who was who, except for Whacko, Finrod and Celestial Dream (who gave me a real life equivalent of her online ‘HUGSHUGS’. Bahaha!), and indi was obviously instantly recognizable.

But besides the first three mentioned above, nobody really knew I was me!
Except for that sneaky bastard who recognized my purple shoes (?!) and went AHA makuluwek! and blew my cover. And then he and his sneaky friend pretended they don’t blog but it was so obvious they were bloggers with well-hidden identities. I’m on to you!

Twas all wonderfully random and silly and useful at the same time, and is very clearly a real-life parallel stage to the Sri Lankan blogosphere: where one can explore and discuss the wide range of thoughts on the minds of modern Colombo inhabitants.

So I do hope Opic Mic becomes a more often occurence.
Up until the point I gather up the courage to take the mic some day myself, and maybe even say things that don’t make people boo or snore.
Hey it doesn’t hurt to dream!

  1. Azrael says:

    Must’ve been interesting. yeah hope they have more. I’d love to check out onecheers

  2. Anonymous says:

    Let me give you a clue. I don’t think you’ve read my blog :P- Sneaky bastard’s sneaky friend 😛

  3. Sabby says:

    I wanna go, I wanna go!Hopefully they’ll have another one when I am down! =D

  4. Celestial says:


  5. goddessofvileness says:


  6. aufidius says:

    damn! miss it..hope it will still be happening when i am down in ole paradise isle!

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