Posted: March 6, 2009 in Uncategorized

It’s always fascinated me, fire.
Bright red and orange and blue and purple flames.
Beautiful and dangerous. Dancing. Taunting, tempting.
And the smell of fire burning, intoxicating. Exciting.
Fire crackers, cigarettes, small explosives, things I’ve loved to play with.
Imagine buildings and vehicles exploding, metal flung into the air like balls of fire, and a roaring fire-monster amidst it all.
Hot and relentless. Beautiful.
An arsonist in the making or someone with a mind too idle?

I’m feeling sick. Flu or something.
And whenever I get sick, for some unfathomable reason, my mind wanders to the strangest places.
And I sit there, mind evading, counting the purple balloon clouds and singing songs that had never been heard.

  1. Azrael says:

    You pyromaniac :P, guess shouldn’t have expected less with your evilness rating eh?Funnily enough i totally get what your saying about Fire. It has a hypnotizing effect, doesn’t it? so useful, yet so dangerous.

  2. Serendib_Isle says:

    tsk, tsk, tsk. too much tv. too many games.Nope, honestly, I think you must be a rebel at heart.;)

  3. hijinx says:

    I soooo get what you’re saying about fire… :DAnd, feel better soon :)even if you do have some fascinating thoughts while you’re sick….

  4. AlterEgo says:

    Fire… Yes, I like holding burning things. 🙂 Just watching the flame creep closer to my hand, the heat, the flickering light. Is that weird?

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