Dear NB

Posted: April 7, 2009 in Uncategorized

Dude. You just told the entire blogosphere that if they messed with you, you could destroy their anonymity.
Like you supposedly have already done with RD.
You just threw a flippant threat at all bloggers.
What the fuck are you? The internet mafia?

You spell well and you’re a senior blogger and I think you have a great readership following your blog despite criticism, but I think you went and killed a big chunky piece of that general blogger respect when you went and posted that.
Cheap, low blow.

I’m a noob in the blogosphere and even I know it’s a major fatass faux pas to go and publicly expose the identity of an anonymous blogger, and then tell other bloggers you could do the same to them if they tried anything funny.

And over what?
They kicked you in the crotch?
Toilet papered your house?
Ate your babies?
No? Oh.. you got called a neanderthal by someone you don’t know over the internet? And the moderator didn’t delete the comment?

Damn… that’s harsh! Putting up a map indication of where the blogger lives and his personal details for good measure is so justified now.

I don’t know RD or Dee that well at all, they’re just fellow bloggers, and being a noob I haven’t been following their blogs for very long.
So I’m being purely unbiased when I say this, NB…

Grow up.
And stop being such a psycho.
Srsly, my stomach curled up the way it did that time I saw maggots eating a dead squirrel on Discovery Channel when I read your post.

OMG I just called you a psycho! And you’re anal about name calling!
So that must mean…
You’re going to expose my identity now?! Or call me a ‘jobless bitch’ too?!
Or something even worse?!

*Cues horror music*

*Tries very hard to give a shit about this*


Btw guys, me taking a little hiatus out of town with the mad cousins to escape this godforsaken Colombo heat, so I shall see you all in two weeks! Mwah!

  1. PseudoRandom says:

    What? You’re going away again?!?!?! Some girls have all the luck 😛

  2. bug says:

    maku..:)What the fuck are you? The internet mafia?bug 😦 You sound whacked – so stop before you gets whackedmaku..:)Or call me a ‘jobless bitch’ too?!Or something even worse?!

  3. Makuluwo says:

    @PseudoRandom- Bahaha! Miss me! ;D@bug- I have no idea what your comment implies. o_O

  4. chaarmax says:

    In a way this prick (oh shit was that a name call?) doesn’t even deserve the extra traffic he’s getting his way, Probably the only thrill he gets out of watching his stat-counter climb from virtual zero.But, glad to see the blogsphere rally around our bloggers. You go gurl!

  5. hijinx says:

    hehe heehee heeeheee…you’se funny, and I wuvs you! 😀

  6. Gadgetgirl says:

    Your a noob in Firefox. =POoo..& Bye Bye!Miss you! NOT! =D.

  7. N B says:

    Hi 🙂 Nice post. Liked it. Even my Mom wouldn’t give me as much attention like you. Anyway I’ve been a lurker on your blog and finally decided to add yours to my blog roll. Keep going but be neutral girl 🙂

  8. Makuluwo says:

    I give you as much attention as I would give any creep on the net who needs to be told how psychotic he’s been acting. And I’m not neutral, never will be.

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