Going Back In Time

Posted: April 16, 2009 in Uncategorized

My holiday is almost over no!
After this weekend spent in Kandy, I must return to nonholiday routine yet again. Woe woe.

You know what kicks ass about holidaying with your bunch of immediate cousins?

Things change drastically as you get older – people change, friends change, the world as you perceive it changes, and naturally you’re forced to familiarize with new things.

But for some reason, things seem to stay static when it comes to holidays with the extended-family bunch.
Everything we did 10 years ago still applies.
The same case with everyone?

We still..
…sing the godayest songs together and know all the lyrics to em.
…crack the same lame jokes and spend hours laughing till we’re too delirious to remember the joke.
…tacklefight each other for a chance to get to lick the batter-bowl clean while making pudding.
…scream and fight for the computer, the remote control, and the seats in the car and at the dining table.
…watch cartoons together. With avid interest.
…think we’re a hundred years from ever being Grown Ups.
…play every card game in the book.
…cheat at every game and then profusely deny doing so.
…dance in a rather hilariously goday fashion.
…subconsciously limit insults among ourselves to the very basic fool, idiot, monkey and donkey.

It’s like nothing has changed.
Except maybe we’re a little taller now, slightly larger in number, and the old babas in diapers have rightfully transformed into big-mouthed pandithayas.

I remember a convo I had with my adorable 4 year old toddler cousin fellow a few days ago.

Me: Um, why do you have pen marks around your nose?
T: Cuz I wanted to have whiskers like a cat!
Me: You silly goose.
T: You silly monkey.
Me: Donkey!
T: Monkeyface!
Me: Donkey-monkey-hybrid!
T: Monkey!
Me: You said monkey twice!
T: You said hi-breed! S’not even a word!
Me: It is, fool!
T: Shuthupp! (that’s how he says shutup)
Me: No you shaddup!
T: I’ll kick you!
Me: Go men!
T: No you go men!

This continues for another 15 minutes till we’re distracted by homemade pizza or a weird pattern on the ceiling or some such thing.

And so it goes.
Days spent singing and dancing and eating icecream and biscuits and watching cartoons.

From 9 year olds to 19 year olds, the rituals resume.
Except its Britannia instead of Tikiri mari, and its Ben10 (which, btw, is AWEsome) instead of Thundercats now.

And you know what sucks ass about holidaying with your bunch of immediate cousins?

Holidays only last a few weeks. 😦

  1. Chavie says:

    haha “subconsciously limit insults among ourselves to the very basic fool, idiot, monkey and donkey.” aye! I got more than I bargained for when I used “Ado” accidentally a few years back! Good there weren’t any parents around, or I would’ve been scarred for life… ;)And btw, Tikiri-mari still beats anything else… 🙂

  2. Gadgetgirl says:

    Haha! "Monkey!" "Donkey!" "Go men!" SriLankan style. =b.Yeahhhhhh Ben10 has totally taken over the little "boys" lives.& a couple of weeks back this kid in my class insisted ME to watch it and now I dont miss an episode cause I have to get back to school the next day and discuss it with this kid. Jeez.

  3. Serendib_Isle says:

    Nice post. Yeah, things hardly change. Sometimes the reality is shocking tho. My lil’ sister is a mother of two, she’s not little anymore!!!The trick is to never let go of the child in you.

  4. ~ lo$t $oul ~ says:

    ahaha crack fun with immediate cuz beats almost any good times..but i usually prefer the lil grown up ones than the podi pandithiya’s!!! such a pain in the..

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