You know you’re sleep deprived when

Posted: April 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

You throw the banana peel in the laundry basket.

You’re found fast asleep at the office. Albeit, arms and head resting on the photocopy machine.

Your mum claims you woke up at 2PM, told her the ‘carrots need washing’, and went back to sleep.

You slap the mosquito on the LCD screen. And realize it’s your cursor.

You wake up and wonder why you’re wearing only one sock and how your bedroom turned into your friend’s veranda.

You spoon kanji into your dish and don’t realize the dish is a flat plate till the tablecloth’s stained.

Someone keeps playing loud baila music all night. And no one but you can hear it.

You wonder why your shampoo feels so cold between your palms, before noticing it’s toothpaste.

Your friend says he’s going to tell a joke and you start giggling before he even gets to the funny part.

You wonder why your PC headphones don’t seem to be working.
Then your Aunt walks in and asks you why you’re holding an aliceband to your ear.

You call the baby cousin ‘kitty’ and pat its head.

So I’ve been sleeping at the oddest times lately, and acting weirder than a tourette syndrome kid with hyperactive disorder.
A friend worded it best when she said, ‘your body clock is so screwed up, it makes Britney Spears look like a phD major.’


  1. Chavie says:

    haha the slapping the lcd screen is classic! be glad it ain’t a crt screen or you would’ve got a shock! hehe 😉 and wow, your office people must’ve had a laugh at you and the photocopier no? 😀 hehe

  2. blackexists says:

    get some sleep, oiii!! 😀 who knows what you’ll do next eh?? 😛 P.S. – cute kitteh!

  3. queenofdreams says:

    The kitten is adoooorable :)What’s with the sleep deprivation? Bet twitter is the culprit He He!

  4. Kaiser Kobayashi says:

    HAHAHAHA!!!!!! Awesome post!!! loved every single sentence!!! seriously hilarious stuff!!!(And here i was thinking i was the kottu-jester guess i have competition) ;)Thanks for the giggle-grin post! Take care and have a great day!Cheers! Kaiser.

  5. Makuluwo says:

    Yes you definitely have some serious competition, Kaiser. 😉 And spankyouverymuch, great to have you on the blog! Hoo!

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