Boobs: what’s the big deal?

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Uncategorized

Not to be lewd about it, but being a girl, I find the impact that boobs have on today’s mass society rather LOL-worthy.

A popular lingerie company’s billboard advert was taken off the main road after its stay there for a month.
Car accidents allegedly caused by the billboard’s.. ahem, distracting cleavage.
I kid you not.

Men gawk at them as if they’re some sort of advanced technology in par with godliness.
I’ve witnessed people stopping in the streets, bumping into other people, forgetting their train of thought, or just staring stupidly, slack-jawed: whence an oblivious woman walks by with a bit of cleavage showing.

Men dedicate time talking about them, making movies based on them, writing books about them, and even a few blog posts. 😛

But when you think about it…
Scientifically, boobs are nothing but secretory glands layered with fat.

Observationally, an otherwise intelligent (heterosexual) man can be reduced to a blubbering pool of awe-stricken-ness, over a mere pair of bare fatty glands.

A guy friend said its sheer appearance or just cleavage (rare in SL, mind) most often triggers a stupefying total-blankness of his male brain.
Which implies that boobs, glands layered in fat, have the same effect that that flashy-gadget the Men In Black use to make people forget what was happening for the past hour.

In other words, female glands are weapons of mass distraction.
And most women don’t even know it.

It’s absolutely hilarious I tell you!

Maybe I sound like I’m exaggerating just a tad! And am cruelly generalizing all men like a big fat sexist would. 😉
But practically, you put a topless woman in the middle of city traffic, and try and tell me it won’t cause total and utter chaos. 😛

Interestingly enough, remember how all this chaotic drama on the blogosphere started?

Yep that’s right.
Some woman-in-Shanghai’s boobs.

  1. chanux says:

    Well you are supposed to have those DANGEROUS pair of tools. Then why don't you make that test you suggested & let us know of the results 😛

  2. Gehan says:

    so.. ur questioning why men are physically attracted to women… in particular, to their breasts? so.. which part of a womans body would you find it ‘logical’ for men to be attracted to? their ‘brains’…?women writing abt boobs.. thats a good one…

  3. TheWhacksteR says:

    its a genetic signal maks. you need SOME way to trigger the sexual urges that lead to procreation. And women have certain physical assets to attract men. Female lions are more attracted to male lions with darker manes and will fawn over them even in the presence of lighter maned males.Dont you like, watch Nat Geo woman!?? 😀

  4. Sigma Delta says:

    Breasts play a twofold role in the continuation of the species – In the general condition of the female, breasts provide them with definite femininity and play an important role in making them appealing to the male race and thereby encourage procreation. Functionally they provide nutrition.So all things considered, yep, they are definitely important!In closing I’ve read that “To be aesthetically pleasing a woman’s breast should be perfectly symmetrical half globes, unsullied by suckling”

  5. messiahofmadness says:

    I don’t get it either! @ Gehan- Yes, why not be attracted brains? ‘Cause there’s no particular “aspect” of men that’s attractive to women. And heck, what I find attractive about guys is their brains.

  6. messiahofmadness says:

    Well, not brains as in gray matter… More accurately, minds or intelligence… take your pick =P

  7. Serendib_Isle says:

    The first ever thing a child grabs is a boob. He sees it, touches it, feels it, smells it and tastes it; and it leaves all his desires fulfilled (being just few minutes in this world, his desires are pretty much limited: hunger, supplemented by comfort and warmth at best).How can he ever let go of that? Men and women both are fascinated by boobs, Maks, you wouldn’t be writing about them, if you weren’t. From Playboy to Wonderbra to Baywatch, boob-related businesses (including the enhancements) are the top dollar today – right?;)

  8. Thé Doc says:

    Hahaha!!I have to say I am a boob person as well as a butt person, sue me. :PAs for attraction, I think the saying “opposites attract” is very apt, and if women having boobs is one of those opposites then I think we (men) are quite happy with that fact.On another note, i’m not sure women staring at a man who happens to have breasts of his own would be as exciting… ahem.HOO!!

  9. Gehan says:

    lol @ serendib_isle…!MoM: if u read my comment, u’ll see i mentioned “physically attracted”.. 😛 so while i totally agree and applaud u looking past the outer appearances of a man, i seriously doubt that when u notice the good lookin guy across the street ur admiring his “sharp wit” 😛 its just a case of beauty in da eye of da beholder i spose.. and yes, we could look at boobs and say they’re just “secretory glands layered with fat”, but.. well.. its SO easy to talk abt men’s appendages in that respect… :Ppersonally tho, im a leg man… :$ lol…

  10. Chav says:

    It’s the curves man! O.o anyway, you sound mildly hysterical, as if someone’s shown you hentai or something… Hmmm… 😛

  11. Gadgetgirl says:

    Lol. I was JUST thinking of writing about the topic Boobs & youve done it. =D.Okay….This is one of those controversial topics to think about.Well, I agree with your billboard mentioning and how Boobs could be VERY distracting. However at the SAME time, Am checking myself in the mirror and imagining to myself WITHOUT those gland-fied fatty halfness & I see a total unfemale-ic figure as my reflection! How does that sound? && worse comes when you see yourself having hairy curls between them! YUCK! I'd prefer having boobs!;P. [No offence]As a woman I stand with your thoughts any day Makulowo! Let the guys go shag! But, heyy a boobless chest wouldnot go hand in hand with those curves down your hips man! ;D

  12. Nefarious says:

    lol. as a woman i gotta say.. boobs are a pain. you cant walk around topless even though its fucking hot and humid. unfair no?

  13. Dili says:

    ok lets just boil this down to the basics..Whose ‘rack’ got you feeling jealous, hmm?;) Peace.

  14. Jack Point says:

    I’m not a specialised bob man, but if there’s a good pair in range, I don’t mind zooming in.It is rather difficult to know where to put your face when having a giant cleavage to contemplate at say a dinner table or a meeting.Further thoughts here:

  15. Sigma Delta says:

    I just had this thought – perhaps it was not Helen’s face then that caused the launch of a 1000 ships!

  16. Aarifin says:

    Awesome! Those boobs looks perfect!

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