Dear Makuluwo

Posted: May 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

We haven’t seen you in a long time, your dad and I. How are things? How is the cat doing? Are you cleaning out the litter tray on a daily basis? Better to keep things clean these days no dhuwa, what with this awful swine flu business going around.

Are you still listening to that loud music by that man with the big hair you used to always talk about? What was his name? Mickey? Teddy? One of those silly american names, I forget. Seems like just yesterday when you threw a tantrum in the hall when your father called him a homosexual deviant.
Aney how time flies.

Your father and I would like to see you some time, to catch up on things. Your brother is still being very silly with his guitar and his loud pots-and-pans music, won’t you give him a call and talk some sense into him? You’ve always been the more level headed one.

And dahling, did you get those brownies we sent last Saturday through Auntie J? She said you’ve done the most wonderful things with your room, put handprints and painted funny birdies on it and all. Perhaps we can come over and see it some time?

Everything is fine here. Daddy’s blood pressure is still on the rise, and me and your cousin are having a garage sale next Friday. It would be nice to see you there, maybe you can bring some of your old things to put up for the sale.

Did you see Uncle B’s son at that dinner party we had at our place the other day? All grown up no? And so handsome also. Do you know he’s in medical college? Very ambitious. Auntie J says he likes art itseems, and is very funny. Just like that long-haired fellow on TV you always said you liked. Except without the awful long hair.
Auntie J says you two might have a lot in common. And you know how old your father and I are getting.. we would like nothing more than to see you kids nice and settled.

I tried to tell your brother this, but he seems to think it’s very funny, for everytime Auntie J mentions some suitable girl, he bursts out laughing quite madly. Always had a warped sense of humour, that boy.

Your cousin from Nugegoda is getting married next weekend, to a nice engineer who lives in New York, in a big 2 storey house. Would like to see you at the wedding, and I don’t want to hear anymore of this ‘I can’t stand the aunties sniffing my face’ or ‘biriyani sucks’ or any of that nonsense. You will come and you will be nice.

Uncle B’s son is also coming itseems. So try not wearing sneakers to the occasion this time, or snorting ever so loudly and unladylike every time someone starts talking about the weather ah?
Very unbecoming of you.

Anyway, we miss you loads, and love you.

Your father says since we haven’t seen you in a while, we should get together one of these days.

How about tonight, in the dining hall? I made lasagna, your favourite.

With love,

Mum and Dad

P.S. Please reduce the volume of that music in your room. Auntie J is sitting in the varanda here and says it is giving her a massive headache.
You know how Auntie J gets when she has a headache no?

  1. PseudoRandom says:

    Uh oh 😀

  2. Just Me says:


  3. Azrael says:

    Hilarious as usual :DSo, the grownups are conspiring are they? be careful he he 😀

  4. Unsilent says:

    Hahaha so ur one of those locked-up-in-the-room boarding kaarayas too huh.. My dad thinks its funny to ask me for the rent sometimes..

  5. Serendib_Isle says:

    Good one! I would be scary if your mom pops up on Skype to tell you this, won’t it? Maintain the generation gap!! Heh he.

  6. The Single Couple says:

    probably weaved a web around herself 😛

  7. The Single Couple says:

    errr… wts wrong wt sneakers?? :{I liked yrs ;]

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