Journal entry 6/5/09

Posted: May 6, 2009 in Uncategorized

Dear Diary,

Something is not quite right these days.
I had the strangest dream last week, one that showed me being visited by a long-toothed stranger who spoke of immortality and the wretchedness of onions.
I thought nothing of it at first, but even my friends and family have noticed that lately I’ve been acting a little… odd.

I have been making threats out loud to live poultry and fish in fishtanks, such as ‘you’d be a tasty hamburger’ and ‘mmm tuna sandwich’ and it is becoming quite the social hazard.

My friend laughed at the tuna comment directed at her angelfish. But it was one of those nervous wtf-is-wrong-with-you laughs.
(Plus later I saw her slide the tank-opening shut when she thought I wasn’t looking)

I have frequently been sitting upside down on my sofa, while watching TV. It has suddenly become comfier than sitting the right way up.

The light. It hurts my eyes.
I can’t sleep during the nights, and I’m groggy and crotchety during the day.
I like the rainy days and the sunny ones make me want to buy one of those big Odel sunglasses, if not for the fact that they make me look like a bit of a big-eyed freak.

The mosquito blood splotches on my arm from swatting the little buggers look pretty.
Suddenly I’m in the mood for a juicy meat submarine.

My canines, they’re beginning to look a little pointier in the mirror. Very KirstenDunst-ey.

And once, I almost thought I couldn’t find my reflection.
Until I realized I was looking at a transparent glass window.

My nails are growing abnormally fast and I am becoming increasingly nocturnal.

I even had a sudden urge this morning to flail myself onto a branch and then fly freestyle from tree to tree like Edward Cullen.
Ohwait, that’s nothing new.

But do you see what I see, dear diary? A pattern…
Sleepless nights, a distaste for sunlight, an increased appetite for animal meat…

Could it be? That I am turning into a creature of the night… something that strikes fear in the hearts of all functional humans… That I am becoming…

*cue suspense music*

A delusional maniac who needs to get out more?


  1. Sigma says:

    Get out more?! Ever heard about containment, being isolated for the greater good? Dear Maks you know I’m terribly fond of you right? Stay right where you are, WE do NOT need you getting out more. Hug

  2. Makuluwo says:

    LOL!You rude bastard. 😀

  3. Serendib_Isle says:

    LOL. Oh Maks, all the poetry (nicely written) and Sigma hits a sixer…I have been noticing, you are in fact the last Sri Lankan to go to sleep I think. 😉

  4. Azrael says:

    Be Warned. Do NOT mock the great Vampire Nation…:P

  5. DeeCee says:

    lol at Siggy. eek at maku. scary. do u have a kinda seski vapirish brother by any chance? like the guy in twighlight??

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