‘Do you believe in ghosts?’

Posted: May 7, 2009 in Uncategorized

-I asked a friend.
She looked at me wide-eyed, wondering why I was smiling in a spooky my-house-is-haunted sort of way.
The curtain fluttered wildly behind her on cue and she screamed.

‘I take that as a yes then?’

I’ve always had a morbid fascination with paranormal activity.

Whether you believe in ‘wandering spirits’ or not, numerous sightings and claims all over the world to do with spooky happenings have convinced me that, whatever it might really be, there definitely is something out there.

Some say these spooks are the the undead, restless spirits doomed to roam the earth for eternity; some say they’re beings from an alternate universe (such as the Islamic belief in Jinns, or maybe sadistic aliens with a crude sense of humour); some religions call them the manifestations of the Devil himself.

Some choose to label all unexplainable sightings and sounds as a trick of the light or a figment of a paranoid human imagination.

There are just a myriad of mere theories, and one of the alluring charms of paranormal phenomena is exactly that: it’s mystery.

And more than once have I taken advantage of the fact that people are afraid of a little mystery.
Ask anyone known to me and they’ll say, ‘Makuluwo is a psycho who likes to scare us with stories about Mr Vandervert and how he hung himself from the ceiling in her room in 1960.’

Why, right here in Sri Lanka, we have our beloved Mohini, the beautiful white-saree-clad woman-devil with her baby, who preys on young men in cars after dark, asks them for a ride, and then kills them.
There are many variations to the tale, some of which are the allegation that she possesses goat-feet (why the hell? O_o), eats the baby before eating you, and that you’re supposed to drive through her if you see her in the middle of the road and not look back (Yeah, awesome repercussions if it happens to be a real woman in a white saree :P).

What is it about these alleged spirits anyway that scares people so much?
They’re not necessarily always visible, and definitely not human. And nobody’s really sure if they even exist, but they’re not sure if they don’t exist either.
They are, in short, a totally faceless undefinable entity.

Why are they automatically projected in the media (except in Casper of course) as pale-faced red eyed ghouls who eat babies for breakfast?
And how was it assumed they’re out to get us and thence became fodder for blackmailing little kids? (‘If you go out and play at this time, the bakkamoona will get you!’)

Fear of the unknown, of the undefined?
Or perhaps, a primal human instinct that these spirits, whoever.. or whatever they are, are anything but friendly?

  1. Dili says:

    Well like I said here, I SO wanna meet a ghost. You know, wave @ the dude,say “Hey man, hows things on the dark side? Got Cookies?”:)P.S. Who took that photo of you waking up in the morning?

  2. N B says:

    Why do you always choose to blog about some Odd subject? Be normal 🙂 I can see your recent “Umrah” has not done much to help your obsession with weird topics 🙂 Sorry, not being rude. But this is what I feel about you everytime I read your blog. You are on my Google reader 🙂

  3. Makuluwo says:

    @Dili- Haha! Likewise! And har har at photo comment. :P@NB- Uh Umra has nothing to do with weird topics FYI. And I’m perfectly fine with being utterly weird, thankyouverymuch. 🙂

  4. Serendib_Isle says:

    The atheist in me never believed in anything that couldn’t be explained in science until I was around 20. Then, one fine Wednesday evening, I encountered something totally unexplainable; and I actually smoked a cigarette given by a ghost! The cigarette was real, and I have no idea where it came from – even today. Later on, after some more incidents, I discovered that the house was haunted…My conclusion: we know next to nothing about the mysteries of the universe. Just because you don’t know something, don’t ever say it doesn’t exist.Spooky, eh?

  5. Azrael says:

    Well, our primal instinct is to fear that which is unknown. Keeps us form getting killed doesn’t it.Who knows, maybe those spirits just need a friend.

  6. N B says:

    Hey Weirdo Pissu Makuluwo, Just to let you know I’m closing shop for good. This was one of the blogs I really enjoyed reading. I’m going to miss reading but just wanted to say Thank you and good luck. Keep going. I always knew you lurked on my blog and I did the same. Thanks and God bless 🙂 NB

  7. Gadgetgirl says:

    Lol. You made me believe they were real once.

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