Posted: May 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

I suspect that you’re expecting some interesting saga now in relation to my cat and how its toxic pee destroyed life-forms within a 3 mile radius or something.

I have no such tale for you.
I apologize for the disappointment that is crushing you as I type this.

I will instead give you a random but brief blurting of unnecessary information.
Fun no?

It’s 4AM, and today is my deadline.
I just completed the 2 articles for said deadline ten minutes ago, after a month of mindbogglingly constant procrastination.

And you know what it’s like when you’re.. putting off work till tomorrow and carrying that burden of having work to do tomorrow and you still put it off to tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that and then.. then YOU FINALLY FINISH IT?

It is sweeter than a.. a big.. lifesize ball of icing sugar.

And I am so high on it right now, I can’t even sleep, though actually I should be really uber exhausted since I’ve been up all night working and googling the word exude because it sounds so cool and I wanted to use it a couple of times in the article but then I thought I was getting too repetitive and I made a pot or two of coffee to keep me awake and drank it all till my left eye started twitchi-


  1. Dayaan says:

    wahey, no e-slappage =D

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