Posted: May 14, 2009 in Uncategorized

So much obscene hate on the blogosphere as of late, and I was under the misconception that it was only directed towards people who break the rules, the rule-enforcers or the haters themselves.

Apparently, the hate-fest is going freestyle now.

Lo and behold!
A pack of haters leaving comments on even my blog.
It’s absolutely hilarious, seeing as I’m just a noob blogger (been just half a year) and haven’t really said anything too controversial.
Besides calling NB a psycho, for that outing fiasco.
Oh and those outrageous allegations against fingermonkeys. 😛

I don’t really mind open haters like padashow or Maharaja all that much, because they’re known for it, their blogs specialize in it, and they seem to hate everyone indiscriminately.
And I’ve got to admit, their insults are usually more substantial than a retarded stfu bitch u suk!

But the Anonymice, as I like to call them, are those who’ve got me standing here and wondering from where and why the venom is spewing forth with such ferocity.
Anonymous comments fuelled with randomass profanity and mindless threats, totally irrelevant to my posts mind you (unlike the ones made by haters with blogger identities), have left me LOLing instead of the frozen-with-fear sensation that they were probably hoping to induce.

Am I missing something here, Anonymous?
Have I, perchance, obliviously implied in one of my frivolous posts that I am affiliated with terrorist ninjas who raped and pillaged your village?
Has my unorthodox sense of humour offended your docile sensitivities?
Are you secretly my neighbor spiting me in a fit of vengeance for that time when my cat left a stinker in your garden?

I don’t get it.

The other explanation, of course, is that you’re just a very frustrated person, with no friends or activities to vent said frustrations, therefore left with ample amount of time in isolation, clearly setting off a deluded state of mind (explains how you believe you possess the power to bully people online into submission with a few poorly constructed sentences), which means your only resulting vent is yelling incoherently at random people over the internet hoping against hope that someone will notice you.

But then, who would even imply such a thing, Anonymous. 😛

The tragic thing, though, is that after all your effort, you go and get PWND like this, and so are forced to face the fact that you even suck at hating.
One more thing to add to your Things I Fail At list. Woo.
Running out of paper there, buddy.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the laughs, Anonymous.
You’re quite funny, in a sad retarded-kid-repeatedly-banging-its-head-on-the-wall kind of way.

You’re not obliged to read my blog, or any blog you don’t like for that matter, and your lame excuses for comments make as much impact as a piece of dirt on my shoe.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, kiss my ass.

  1. blackexists says:

    and kiss your ass, he SHALL! 😀 lol… nice one!

  2. Sigma Delta says:

    LOL Maks, KMA? Are you sure you want that? I could think of a few other things you could suggest as alternates, you never know, strange people these days they might actual like kissing ass

  3. Delilah says:

    lol @ anonymice. now i know why you stole the cat:)

  4. DeeCee says:

    who cares bout them.. ^^

  5. Serendib_Isle says:

    This is a gem, Maks. LOL. Well said.

  6. N B says:

    Okay Makuluwo Muslim, Now I am a Non-judgemental ghost speaking from my grave 🙂 But just to let you know I am enjoying the dramas that ensue back and forth with these two. You might wanna check the links.www.simplymayanthi.blogspot.comwww.thechillichocolate.blogspot.comSorry but I couldn’t resist my temptation to leave a comment here after reading yours. Hope you don’t mind a Ghost comment no? Dead NB 🙂

  7. RealNB says:

    Ignore the guy above. Here I am the real NB. 🙂 see I can smile!I just started with my life story. Stay tuned as I will be creating more dramas. I never die

  8. TheWhacksteR says:

    Dr. Maks. i think we need to call in your serial blog psychopath experts in for this one

  9. blackexists says:

    lamayaa! i out up a lil something for you on my blog! go see! 😉

  10. Thé Doc says:

    They say ignorance is bliss, then laugh away at these anonymous numbnuts. 🙂

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