Time Blur Syndrome (TBS)

Posted: May 18, 2009 in Uncategorized

Gadget Girl just texted me today, mentioning I’ve gone ‘dormant’ on the blogosphere!
dormant = 3 postless days.
Fair enough.

My excuse is that lately I’ve been down with a serious case of TBS, worse than the flu.

Mornings are a rush of toothpaste and coffee and cranky outbursts to no one in particular about the cruelty of having to wake up.
Afternoons are a few hurried spoonfuls of rice, and sometimes an unexpected spontaneous nap on the couch.
Evenings are phone-appointment-typing, phone-appointment-typing, phone-appointment-typing.

Then it’s a bite of something to fill the tummy, though I’m too tired to really taste it.

Now and then I’m running to someone’s house to ‘catch up’.
Usually there’s another unexpected spontaneous nap on their couch.

Early nights for once. Or ones that go to 2am because I’m typing out an article whose deadline is in 2 hours.

“Here, you coming to Carnival tomorrow?”
What? Why? T’s birthday treat isn’t till the 16th, you fool.
“Uh.. tomorrow IS the 16th FYI.”

Phone ring.
Hii.. eurgnmnm.
“You just woke up from the couch didn’t you?”
What business is it of yours, smartypants?
“Not to be a party pooper or anything, but your interview is in 15 minutes. And the drive takes 20.”

The beach is SO empty for a weekend, no?
“Um, sweetie.. it’s Monday?”

Well you get my drift. Time’s being an incorigible blur.
I’d like to be aligned with the usual consensus (actually, that’s a lie) and say it sucks.
But I thrive on it.

I am aligned with the usual consensus on the latest news though! Incredible no?
Can’t believe it myself, that it’s over.
Sure, there’s still a lot of work to do, but the bloodshed is done.

No more nosy interrogative policemen, no more big war talk over samosa snacks, no more cynicism about the immortality of lankan death and destruction.
Grown up with it, like everyone says, so it feels like a time for total reinvention.

Also, on aufidius‘s request again, some of my old artwork:

  1. aufidius says:

    thanks for posting! good stuff! I particularly like the portrait sketches. good sense of detail!

  2. Gadgetgirl says:

    Aww. Poor you little skeleton hidden under skin! && BTW, you never showed me ANY of these work of art when I gatecrashed to your dungeon excluding the purple freak you worked on. =D.

  3. Sabby says:

    I laike your Cruella! =D

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