Intestines: Why They’re Just Wrong

Posted: May 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

warning: Following post may cause severe lack of appetite and/or regurgitation of meals.
If the picture hasn’t already done that, that is.

I pinch my nose and my eyes roll back in their sockets in disgust, as I look at the dish of cow intestines on the dining table.

Lousy maid prolly hasn’t cleaned it properly!
Because it smells particularly characteristic tonight, if ya get my drift.

Or maybe this cow was one of those bastards who were kinda flexible with the standard grass-diet.
You know, the one strolling casually in the middle of Galle Road, pretending to be oblivious to the traffic it’s causing, occasionally stopping for a quick random-crap-on-roadside meal.

This does not, however, stop other inhabitants of the house from eating this dish of baabath curry, a dish that Asian freaks are known to actually call a delicacy.

I finish my meal and go to my room, and find some of it almost rising back up my throat when the mind wanders back to the cow intestines.

Intestines. The latter part of the digestive system. Where, you know, the digested material gets its.. uh… shitty texture.
Gross when I put it like that no?

I mean, yeah we’re eating cows and birds, which is pretty gross in itself when you think about it, but this awareness can be easily pushed aside.
Chicken and beef curry, after all, look and smell good for the most part, and don’t (literally) smell like shit before you clean and cook them.

But intestines? Long slimy looking tubes, blubbery and lank, once having held and transported matters of digestive expulsion, now sitting on your table.

I can’t eat your intestines, cow.
You’re yummy and all but I watched Discovery Channel and I saw how they ‘clean’ your end-tubes and it’s not pretty.
You’re kinda big which leaves me a lot of you to fry or cook, so spare me your offensive cringe-inducing temporary-cowdung-storage intestines.

  1. Serendib_Isle says:

    Funny post. LOL. And the pic did it. I’m someone who likes ‘straight-forward’ meat; with the odd exception of kidneys. But, I’ve mingled with cultures that find weird bits a delicacy and think baabath is not that difficult to digest. ;)By the way, you are tagged:

  2. ~ lo$t $oul ~ says:

    How could you not like BAABATH?!?!? always skip how a meal is cooked…. saves you alot of troub..

  3. DeeCee says:

    oh wow. :I i guess u get all kinds of wierd delicacies yea? I can’t stomach fish eggs (uugh) and liver… which my parents looove…

  4. Delilah says:

    lol:) i guess i’m one of those freaks who likes to try these ‘delicacies’. snake meat i have discovered tastes pretty nice. as does tiny snails. but i hate weird cow-bits. tried ox-brains earlier this year. blech!!! tasted like cream cheese gone bad.

  5. blackexists says:

    lol – gotta admit – i never liked it – and now that you;ve gone and put it like that – i dont think I’ll ever like it. 😀 haha! i dont think im missing anything though. 🙂

  6. Dayaan says:

    I think it moved.No wait, thats just my stomach.

  7. Angel says:

    Eeuk! But I must admit you gave me fair warning…

  8. greene says:

    *sob* that was so *tear* beautiful. *sob*

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