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Posted: May 29, 2009 in Uncategorized

Twiddling my thumbs, I look around. Aunties with straight, bored faces looking back at me. They, too, are twiddling in the same manner.

I proceed to grab the tissue under the wattalapam-dish and fold it into different shapes, first a ship, then a square, then a potato. Which sort of resembles a crushed ball of tissue really.

Yes, I’m at yet another standard Muslim Wedding.

She walks toward my table in her bright red gaagra-choli, her eyes widening with recognition..

Me: HAAAI! *wave*
She: How are you man? Been ages? Remember me no?
Me: Of cooourse I remember yooou! How, how?
She: Not bad so.. studies are hectic-
Me: Oh yeah! You still studying hard?
She: *giggle* Yes yes. So how is mum and dad? And the cats?
Me: They’re wunnerful! How’s your family doing?
She: Just the usual aney. You still sketching stuff?
Me: Yep, still at it. So how do you know the bride?
She: The groom’s my cousin actually!
Me: Oooh small world no!

etc. etc. for the next hour.

She: K then, catch you later OK! *big hug*
Me: K! BAI! *wave*

The aunty in front of me smiles widely as she trots off.
Aunty: You kids remind me of me and my sisters when we were young! Who was she?
Me: Uh..
Aunty: Cousin of yours? School mate?
Me: Actually..
Aunty: Ah?
Me: ..I have no idea.

I propose that everyone starts walking around with name tags on their shirts, to avoid such utterly awkward situations, from which without certain skill you can end up being unfairly labelled as a jerk who forgets people’s names!

Name tags aside, I’ve been tagged by that bloke Wijitha and my homie PseudoRandom to say in 5 words how I feel about recent events in Sri Lanka.
First I’d like to say that Blacker’s tag-5 were just amazing! I wish I had pictures, because they say so much more than a mere 5 words.

1. Relieved – that the mindless bombs-blowing-brains-out is over.
2. Unsure – there are many still saying the psychological war is far from over.
3. Afraid – that they may be right, judging from the fact that the displaced are still suffering.
4. Selfish/Apathetic – I’m not doing much of anything to contribute to anything right now, and am indifferent for the most part.
5. Hopeful – that the country might have a chance at straightening itself out.

I taaag Dee, Azrael, Whacko, GadgetGirl and Sachintha. GOGOGO!

  1. Chavie says:

    Duuuude!!! hahaha 😀 you talked with a person you don’t even know for one hour? :O I can’t talk with people I know for like… more than 3 sentences… *shuffles feet* :)And talking of Gadgetgirl, where IS she? :S

  2. hijinx says:

    Is everyone you know getting married, or do people just like to take you to weddings so you can complain about ’em after? 😛 I haven’t been to a wedding since I was 15. :S I wanna go to onnnneeee!Also, I wanna be ittttt toooooo *whines* Yes. I am in a whiny mood. So what? *looks defiant* You have a problem with that? *trashes innocent piece of paper for looking at her wrong*

  3. Makuluwo says:

    @Chavie- No idea, dude! Sent her a text earlier telling her to get her ass back into blogging or I’ll have to send Mr ChubChubs after her! :P@hijinx- LOL awww, well ok, I’ll just have to blackmail one of these bloggers into tagging you next. 🙂 And everyone around me is getting married, AND asking me WHY I’M not married yet. 😐

  4. Chavie says:

    @Maks – why is she saying that she’s banned from the net Maku? :S

  5. Makuluwo says:

    @Chavie- Damn! Sigh. Looks like a typical parents-grounded-her-ass situation, man. 😦

  6. Chavie says:

    @Maks – *sigh* hope she’ll be back soon! 😦

  7. Gadgetgirl says:

    Am a biiit late! Pardon me. But will get onto the tagging business.Affirmative. =D

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