Bussing It

Posted: June 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

Not counting a few A/C-bus rides, I’ve been in a public bus only once in my life: an impromptu ten-minute commute with Chokka Bunnis during non-work-hours.

And it’s a tad embarrassing to admit!
Not exactly sure why, but it could have something to do with the fact that whenever I say something along the lines of I never take the bus, most people respond with WHAAAAAT? You NEVER take the bus? YOU never take the bus? You never take the BUS?
(and so on, emphasizing different words in the sentence.)

This is usually accompanied by a look on their face that’s a mix between HAHA you noob and ehh spoilt brat who’s prolly always chauffered in a car.
..the latter being KIND of true, but that’s besides the point! 😛

It’s mostly been the parents, who claim I am too ‘delicate’ *SCOFF* to travel in bus-conditions (a.k.a. bad BO, pervs, loud baila music etc.)
So it’s just been cars, vans and three-wheelers so far. No complaints.

I remember driving back from the airport in mid-April, just getting used to the SL roads again, when I saw a bus pass me by:
People of all shapes and sizes literally sardine-packed, faces, young and old, staring back at me, with facial expressions that varied between Hey who’s that touching my ass! and I can’t feel my legs.

Is it really as bad as it seems?
Nevertheless, I think bussing it gives incentive to a whole bunch of interesting stories, like a friend’s recent strange bus-tale of when her buttcrack made an appearance unbeknownst to her and drove a monk on-board to scream OMG UR NEYKID! o_O

For the most part, I’ve heard the whole thing is a very smelly ordeal during work hours, can lead to death by suffocation, and the girls tell me the leering perverts are the worst part (I’m very pervertophobic FYI).
Then there’s the obvious terror of being packed against total strangers, which is just asking for a totally awkward situation, one of which was hilariously narrated by my favourite three-wheel driver.

Come college though, if I don’t have my own car by then, I’ll have to join the masses and partake in this, ahem, ‘uniquely Sri Lankan experience.’
So I’m packing up the pepper-spray and gas-mask just in case! 😉

  1. Chavie says:

    lol, this deserves a video reply! ;Dcheck this out…

  2. *chutz* says:

    hello. i stumbled upon your blog through gossip aiya's and the charm and wit in your writings instantly won me over as a follower. and i mean that in the most uncreepy sense as possible. by the sounds of it, public transportation in SL doesn't sound very different to the quality of buses we have in malaysia. i recall one interesting incident where i fainted while riding the bus back home during peak hour. the bus was so packed that the forces exerted by the people all around me kept me up in the vertical position, hence no one realised a girl had pathetically passed out. and the disgusting part was, i think i only gained consciousness due to the stench of some guy's undeodarised underarms! worst bus ride ever!!

  3. St. Fallen says:

    I've been taking the bus for pretty much everything for about 5 years now. And I can't really complain. I've had some bad experiences, like falling off a moving bus -_-BUT, for some strange reason, I enjoy it… strangely. Though there's certain timeframes and routes I fucking HATE. I think the worst is probably the 176 to Nugegoda in the morning from 7.30 to about 9, and back from 4.45 to like 7pm :/ IT'S FUCKING INSANE!!! One time I got off, I had to squeeze through so many people MY BELT CAME OFF! (it was the sliding thingamajigie) and so I got onto the halt with my trousers coming down. -_-There's nothing like getting into an almost empty bus though, or just hanging on the footboard having a smoke (with the conductor threatening to push you off if you don't throw the cig) :PI've had some rather interesting experiences too. This one time I saw this woman, somewhere in her late-twenties. and something about her just like… made me get all poetic :Sand I ended up writing a poem then and there, and gave it to her before i got off. she was like half asleep and just looked at me o_oHopefully, she could read English :PI actually posted it on the blog: http://saintfallen.wordpress.com/2008/10/09/blink/(:

  4. greene says:

    omg. i'm pervertaphoebic too

  5. GanjaNinja says:

    Are you making a complain or just stating the obvious?! or are you just trying to justify your self?

  6. Makuluwo says:

    @Chavie- Hate the song but love the drums. 😉 @chutz- Why, thank you! :DAnd urgh, stinky underarms? Nuclear weapons, I tell ya! @St Fallen- LOL at belt coming off! Madness!The inspiration bit is interesting though, it's fascinating how just the face of a total stranger can sometimes make one wonder what their story's about.@greene- omg. what are the chances! :P@GanjaNinja- Just sayin', foo'.

  7. Chavie says:

    @Makuluwo – you a Keith Moon fan then? niiiiiiice! 😀

  8. blackexists says:

    😀 lol! it's an experience in itself.man – i donmt mind taking the bus – i really dont – but for the perverts.

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