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Posted: June 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

Some of these are based on what pops into my head when I read your blog, and some are just inside jokes.
If you can’t find you in the sketches, it’s because I found it hard to stereotype you in any way, or you’re prolly just one of the cheerleaders in the last sketch. 😉

So, guess who?:

  1. Jack Point says:

    Nice, very nice.Recognise a lot of em. You can make a living as a cartoonist my friend.

  2. Paparé Boy says:

    :DI like the hat. :p

  3. Gehan says:

    hmm alrite, lemme see.. left to right, top to bottom.. 1. no idea2. PR3. nada4. Puppet Maestro!5. serendib_isle?6. nope7. eh?8. k i suck9. lol im HOPING thats papare :D10. RD? 11. err…12. 13. Gypsy!14. err.. blackexists?15. THING! :D16. DC17. lol errm court jester or jerry? :D18. if thats me, WHY am i an amputee?! :Olol…

  4. The Single Couple says:

    hey do me plssss… and lets see if yr right =]

  5. Just chillin' says:

    Brilliant! You really have talent there :)(do identify each of them now .. I had trouble recognizing a few!)

  6. DeeCee says:

    lol. i seem to be over-lovin that cat. CUUUUUUUUUUTE 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    Where is NB on this?

  8. Jack Point says:

    Gehan2. Darwin?11. Gadget Girl?

  9. santhoshi says:

    Could recognise a few but you have to name them… very curious to see if i am right…….

  10. Sabby says:

    Awww cute..Couldn't recognize all…do clarify! =DVery nicely done though! =)

  11. aufidius says:

    nice! i recognise a few,,,

  12. Dili says:

    Ok lets see if I can get these right..Sigma,PseudoRandom,Whackster,The Puppeteer,Wijitha,Azrael,Doc,chavie,Papere,RD,Gadgetgirl,Padashow,Gypsy,Blackexistz,NB,DC,Jerry,GehanWhere's the prize? 🙂

  13. greene says:

    the cast of fragle rock?

  14. Makuluwo says:

    @Jack Point- Thank you! 😀 I'd totally get into it if it paid anything here. 😉 @Papare Boy- Yep, it's a parody of the hat you wore at the kottu party. Nyahaha! @Gehan- You got 9/18, not good enough for the basket of cookies I was gonna hand out to the winner. :PLMAO at amputee! Wow I really have made you look like one. o_O @The Single Couple- Your pic coming up! 😉 @Just Chillin/aufidius- Thanks! @DeeCee- Bahaha! 😀 @Anonymous- Take a wild guess. @santhoshi- I'd rather leave it to 'if the hat fits'! 😉 @Sabby- Thanks, man. I thought you don't even read my blog anymore! Where'd you go? @Dili- No prize for you, cuz you cheated! Why didn't you name the rest? Too bad the others haven't figured out how. 😛 @greene- Hmph yeah, the cast of fraggle rock. Meanie.

  15. blackexists says:

    😀 you quirky little… 😀 LOL!~~! I LOVE IT! 😀

  16. Lady divine says:

    excellent post! you should do comic strips now..:)

  17. St. Fallen says:

    sigma, pseud0random, whackster, messiah of madness, wijitha, azrael, half doctor, chavie, papareboy (you got his hat wrong), Rhythmic Diarrhea, gadget girl, padashow, gypsy, black, NB, Dee (poor cat), jerry, and of course Gay-haan and his groupiesanyone who couldn't get those is an effin moron.

  18. Somapala says:

    You are maara hapanek. We love your drawing.Thank you for this –

  19. TheWhacksteR says:

    liked the ones of NB and papare boy the best. lol.. do i get a prize cos i figured out where the answers are? 😀

  20. Makuluwo says:

    @blackexists, Lady D- Spankyouverymuch!@St Fallen- Yep, but who's the half doctor? That's Ze Doctor of Arbitrary Spurtations.@Sompala- That's probably thick sarcasm, but thanks anyway. :P@Whacko- No. 😀

  21. Chavie says:

    lol… I like the running Chavie with the raccoon on his back! too bad the real Chavie hasn't run in ages! ;)aaand you should've mentioned that the contest is not open to xkcd readers! (mouseover! lol) 😀

  22. niroshinie says:

    NB & Gehan are hilarious! straight jacket and groupies! BTW cannot believe ppl didnt figure out how to cheat! hehe

  23. unsilentdawn says:

    wow this is amazing.. well done

  24. Gadgetgirl says:

    ARRRRRGHH! Ive missed alotta fun!!!!!!!!!! >,<.Whos's which?? =D.

  25. The Single Couple says:

    wrs my pic?? >=[

  26. The Puppeteer says:

    Oooooh just saw the post… Neat! =DI look cool! *grin*And that's easy enough to figure out…seeing as how you've saved each file on your pc! =PCookies for me!!! =D

  27. Chavie says:

    and btw, Papare Boy was right! Pseudo looks all sesky in that labcoat… lol 😉

  28. Rhythmic Diaspora says:

    Excellent stuff! Though you make me look far younger than I am in real life. I'm hounoured to be included in this roll call. Thanks.

  29. Just Chillin's Personal Blog says:

    Hey St. Fallen… you calling me an effing moron? 😛

  30. PseudoRandom says:

    Shaaa you made me look pwetty…thank you, twinsisterlady! 😀 I wish my hair actually looked like that :S But pray tell, why the rose? Assuming that is a rose.And hehe I kinda cheated too, but only for some of them 😀

  31. Nefarious says:

    aney draw me!! noone has ever attempted to draw me. =(

  32. Serendib_Isle says:

    LOL. Excellent stuff Maks, just brilliant! I’ll commission you to do my family portraits, when I’ve saved enough petro-dollars to afford you… ;)My favourite is DeeCee’s cat though. You’ve captured so much expressions in just a few simple strokes.Was so busy this month, missed out on all the excitement. Time to catch up – and this’s a great start!

  33. Sigma says:

    Dang, how did I miss this?! Maks, awesome indeed, kudos!

  34. Azrael says:

    I just saw this – cool stuff. Do more!

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