Posted: June 8, 2009 in Uncategorized

I found this silly riddle I wrote years ago during a certain doodle-instead-of-pay-attention-in-class session.
The answer is pretty damn obvious, but I’ll ask you anyway.

They call me ruthless and indifferent, a trap to ensnare the unaware.
They say they know not when I will strike, and make my victim fall, and make him do things against his will, a puppet master.
I pull and push, snap and twist and break those whose dreams I wreak havoc in, those whose nights are racked with sobs because I am there too much, or there too little.
And they all mourn of my cruelty, of the destruction and debris I leave in my wake as I waltz in and out of their lives like a careless breeze.

And yet, if I were to leave, all would turn bleak, benumbed, and they would cry for me for thousands of years, in dry tearless breaths, crying for warmth in an eternal winter.

Who am I?

On an unrelated note, in response to The Single Couple‘s fervent sketch request:

  1. The Single Couple says:

    errr. .. spidey, why has he got sooo much hair??? I dont understand =(

  2. Makuluwo says:

    It's a funky afro, dude.. jeez. You're welcome. -_-

  3. The Single Couple says:

    yeah, bt wt gave u d impression tht my othr half looks lk tht??

  4. Makuluwo says:

    Uh it's called, being random. 😛

  5. TSC says:

    😛 😛 thks very much anyways =)

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