All That Jazz

Posted: June 10, 2009 in Uncategorized
Listening to a bit of the oldies, I rediscovered my love for this genre while a bit of snazzy Pat Barber played in the background.
The old gal inspired me to draw the fella at the piano up there.

Remember back when people tapped their toes to clever lyrics doodley-wopp-ed to the quick beats on the piano, trumpet and trombone?

When the lead singer shouted ‘hit it, maestro!’ and would croon away sweet little rhymes in his deep baritone voice?

Aaah Frankie Frankie, I miss you ol’ man!

Not that I was even born back then, let alone even been inside a jazz bar… 😛

I’ve always been a big fan of lounge, jazz and blues music.
Pure art, I call it, and it’s got high class without the snobbery.

Frank Sinatra! The man equals what jazz is all about.
He was mainstream once upon a time, jazz was mainstream.
What happened to that?
The clever little subtlety in songs about love, life, etcetera, all seems to have gone up in smoke.
And replaced with things… less subtle, to put it politely.

Mainstream today is mostly about someone boinking someone or some such lewd reference to nether regions (The Lonely Island’s parody says it best).
No more mystery and wit in the words, nor depth in the sound.
Just… Noise… Blatant. Literal. Gaudy.
Like a huge, shiny, conspicuous pimple on someone’s forehead.

Quote from Akon ft. Snoop Dogg’s “no. #1 hit” *cough*:

I see you winding and grinding up on that pole
I know you see me lookin’ at you and you already know

I wanna *bleep* you, you already know
I wanna
*bleep* you, you already know, girl

I don’t think even Ma-hinder making an appearance on Galle Road in fuchsia-coloured shorts can top the ugly loudness of that chorus.

Oh well. Screw mainstream.

Mr ChubChubs likes Frankie too.
And here’s his squirrelly rendition of fly me to the moon!

[ChubChubs audio clips have been temporarily removed]

  1. DeeCee says:

    screw mainstream! seriously. i found the grammys too mainstream too…ew ew ew.

  2. Dili | දිලින says:

    Wow what a koinkidink, there was a scene release of a Sinatra collection today. (62MB, 21 mp3s Nice post. I've never even known whats in the 'mainstream' in a long time. LOL When supposed stars have to sing if you seek amy then you know its gone rock bottom. It isnt much better in Sinhala eitherYou made me wanna do a Jim Reeves post. Thats been my stable oldies music love for ages.

  3. Chavie says:

    Nice post Maks! You got me slowing down chubchubs again! lol 😀 and Dili, do that post man! I love old Jimmy too! 🙂 Gentlemen Jim, they don't make voices like that anymore… *sigh* 😦

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