Guilt Post

Posted: June 24, 2009 in Uncategorized

…for being so relatively neglectful of the blog lately!

Utterly uninspired to be honest.

This usually happens when things get ordinary.
I’m far from idle, and life’s far from boring, but it’s definitely predictable.
Predictable. Yeck. I hate that word.

I want to just open the door one day and find a dead body on the porch.
Or find a hidden stash of dynamite sticks under the bed.
Or go out and see fighter jets swooping so low to the ground that they rip the coconut tree in the garden off its roots.

Childish, I know.
But it doesn’t hurt to dream.

So till I get my mojo back, here’s the swan song, one of my favourites.
A tune as calming as breeze on an empty Monday beach.

  1. Lady divine says:

    heard that for the first time and LOVED it!!!

  2. Chavie says:

    fighter jets! fighter jets!!! :Dthe Americans are getting rid of the F22 program… what an utter shame! 😦

  3. unsilentdawn says:

    i know wat u mean.. predictability can be a bitch

  4. Harumi says:

    Hello Maks! guess this is my 1st comment so thoughtta greet ya first. =DThat song's just too beautiful.. reminds me of my old favorite songs of Enya. But the one you posted sounds so unique. Thanks a lot for sharing. About things being predictable.. yep, me hate it too to the max.. though I'd freak out if I'd see a corpse but.. wouldn't mind seeing a fighter jet up close! lol

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