Oh em jee, aney!

Posted: June 29, 2009 in Uncategorized

And I thought those ‘ohmygahd lyk totalleh! gigglegiggle’ types only existed in the american-highschool-blondes universe.

Boy was I wrong.
Ranting post ahead.

Was out with two friends and two people I’d just met, the other day.
And I was blown away.

If blown away was code for bored out of my skull, that is.

The topic was such blah, I don’t even remember most of it due to all the zoning-out I was busy with.
I just remember a few lines floating around…

“omg I hate her she’s such a bitch”
“yeah I wanted that shade of eyeliner”
“lolol totallehh!”
“OMGOMG CUTE GUY. that guy over there is like, SO cute.”


Slowly zoning out. Words are becoming hazy. All I can see is the blahblahblah of the rapidly moving mouth.


Quickly zone in. Whadappened?! Is there a fly in the coffee?! Did the waiter step on someone’s foot?! Anything would be insanely thrilling right now compared to the past half hour.

“james marsden is SO HOT. doesn’t blahblah totally look like james marsden?”

K back to zoning out then.

One of my friends whispers apologies for the lameness of the reigning convo between the other two.
Nah that’s ok, I guess all 14 year olds act that way so it’s excusable..
“She’s 17.”

Apparently a lot of girls centre their everyday-all-day conversations around make-up and cute guys, all the way into their twenties.
Each to her own I guess.

I mean, yes, James Marsden is indeed gorgeous, and pink is ok if you pick the right shade…
Nevertheless, if it were up to me, we wouldn’t have to talk about the depth of Churchill’s philosophical meanderings or the life and times of a dung beetle, but I’m sure we could think up of something more interesting to talk about for hours on end than… eye paint and Jason Whatshisface’s abs?

What say you?
Come on, type it with me… “-_-“

  1. Chavie says:

    if you say so:-_- hehehe :Dbut trust me, most guys are the same… all they talk about is how they boozed last Sunday, Taylor Swift and how that other guy + girlfriend… blaaah! ;)but atleast then we talk about politics! maaaan, ain't that fun?! 😉

  2. Dee says:

    you've grown out of your friends. 😀 sucks but happens.

  3. Sigma says:

    Ah, imagine, Mak's in pink with eyes a flutter over some hunk of man – sounds like a nightmare!

  4. The Single Couple says:

    OMG!! LK TOTALLEH yah yah!! LOL =D ;DI tend to ignore people like that usually, although the first time, I did stare open mouthed and drooled at them, coz it was so ridilculous .. ha ha..

  5. PseudoRandom says:

    Ah…see I would be ok with that kinda conv…it's the "Are you going for that party? It's gonna be sooo happening! What are you wearing?" conversations that I can't stand. I just zone out and stuff my face with whatever food I can get my hands on. It probably explains why they think I'm a boring geek 😀

  6. Harumi says:

    OMG.. thiz iz totaleh amuzing.. lol *tried to go with the flow, but it didn't quite work!* =DI wonder if they never get tired of those highly exclaiming accents and jargons, ne?

  7. Makuluwo says:

    @Chavie- Yeah politics never gets too old to talk about. :P@Dee- Well they weren't my friends, they were the two I'd just met.Sucked nevertheless. :D@Sig- *tries fluttering her lashes and gets them all tangled up* :P@The Single Couple- LOL can imagine you staring at them, that's one way to shut em up. XD@PseudoRandom- Hahaha! Dude that's exactly what I do. And the 'omg party/dress' convo kinda falls in the same category for me. >.>@Harumi- Haha you kinda suck at imitating them, but that's a good thing. 😀

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