Oops I dropped the camera in the toilet bowl + Mr ChubChubs

Posted: July 10, 2009 in Uncategorized


It was an ordinary rainy morning when I was in the mood to exercise my amateur photography a tad.
After toddling about in the garden in the heavy drizzle, looking for cool bugs and new flowers to take pictures of, I came back inside to grab a towel.

Lo and behold! A gorgeous little spider spinning its web on the window of the bathroom, the sun from outside making diamonds on the silk.

So there I was, standing next to the toilet bowl, zooming in on the busy arachnid.
I hear a noise. Bzzzz. Ting.
Stupid wasps banging their heads on the tubelight I bet. (What’s up with that anyway?)
Buzzing gets louder.

Buzzing two inches away from my face!
A big fat fellow, wearing gorgeous yellow and black warning stripes, dancing around merrily in my face.
What the hell is a bee doing in the middle of some random Colombo bathroom?
Momentary shock and panic.

That doesn’t sound too good. -_-
I look down and find my beautiful bought-in-Dubai 8.0 megapixel camera looking quite depressed inside the toilet bowl (don’t worry, the bowl’s been flushed).
Instinctively I let out a scream resembling what some medieval hero must have let out before rescuing his princess from the clutches of the mighty dragon (a medieval hero with a potty mouth might I add) and I reach down and grab the camera.

There was a moment here, naturally, where I froze and realized what I was doing.
Standing in the bathroom with my right hand in the toilet bowl.

Nevertheless, after much obsessive soap-scrubbing on my part, my hand and the camera were salvaged.
Can’t say the same for my pride though, after I sheepishly narrated the story to some others. 😛

Twas comical indeed, but woe! The flash doesn’t work now and there’s a heinous looking splotch on the screen when I switch it on.
Time to get it serviced. I can imagine the convo at the counter..
‘What happened?’
Uh.. I dropped it in… some water.
Yeah. No. Uh. It fell.. in a… puddle. Yeah that’s what happened.
‘You dropped it in the toilet bowl didn’t you?’
How did you know?! Does that happen very often?
‘Nah. You just seem like the type.’

Makuluwo foiled by the spiders themselves!

Also, Mr ChubChubs and some vagrant squirrel who can play the guitar did a little impromptu duet cover of Travis’s Love Will Come Through.
It’s a bit sloppy as impromptus often are. Enjoy!

[ChubChubs audio clips have been removed temporarily]

  1. Chavie says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 😀 Duuude, you're supposed to use your left hand… 😛 :)lol @ the imaginary convo! :Dand is that you on guitar? :O

  2. Sasнiиi says:

    A daily dose of Mr ChubChubs is aaaall good :Dnice guitar playing& HAHAHAHAHAHA how sad xDThats the kinda thing I would do *hi5* jiji xP

  3. Mommythechef says:

    reading your post just made me chuckle out loud ! 🙂 …

  4. Harumi says:

    Geez.. my browser made me retype my comment! -__-Anyway that's some tragedy you went through.. poor you and your cam.. =D Maybe your right hand and cam both needed a scrubbing.. so ya, everything happens for the best ne.. *thinking positive* heheYour imaginary convo is amusing too.. can't waitta see it happen for real! =DAnd wow.. that's some great music.. love that guitar piece too. Read your previous post about Mr. ChubChubs.. and I think you should do more of these songs.. um.. I mean not you.. but Mr. ChubChubs.. =P Keep it up! ^__^

  5. Sigma says:

    Mak's you kill me… if it helps, you're not the first person I know to do that though…but in that persons defense, the camera was dropped inside no less than a Presidential toilet!

  6. Makuluwo says:

    @Chavie- Do I seem like a 'vagrant squirrel who can play the guitar' to you? ;D @Sash- jiji indeed. @Mommythechef- That's what I was aiming for! (: Thanks. @Harumi- Bwuhahaha! I shall pass on the message to Mr ChubChubs. ;)@Sig- The presidential toilet?! Wow your friend could make a fortune selling that cam unwashed after that incident. :P@Dee- Hee hee!

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