Trolling @ Yahoo

Posted: July 14, 2009 in Uncategorized

Trolling around Yahoo Q & A is insanely easy, I found, one dull Monday morning.
Here are a group of people, genuinely eager to offer ideas and advice, for no other reward than ‘Yahoo points’, which are imaginary and cannot be refunded in any shape or form for actual cash or a lame gift voucher at the very least.

Here’s some of the ridiculous questions I asked the helpful bunch.
Click on the links to see their answers. Funniest part is half of them took me seriously!

Q. The tunnel to China?

Is it illegal to start digging a hole in your backyard, with the motive of reaching China?
Is it the same as entering a country without a passport or can it be excused as a neurotic experiment?

A. If you poke such a hole in the planet, all the gravity would escape!
Not to mention the Chinese immigrants that would clutter your country…

Q. Isn’t marshmallow man a symbol of obesity?

I think marshmallow man is a secret propaganda against fat people.
I mean, isn’t it obvious, he’s this giant fat person, who seems harmless, and then suddenly turns evil. What’s up with that?

Fat people are people too. Everyone calls my mother fat, it’s just glandular really, bastards. 😦
Why would the makers of Ghostbusters do this? It hurts me.

Q. How can I make them stop talking?

I was in rehab for things I cannot mention here for my own safety, and got back last month. Ever since, I find it very hard to fall asleep at night.
This is because I hear voices inside my head, that start talking at exactly 9.42PM every night.
There are usually 2 voices, but some days up to 5 (could just be one voice fooling me into thinking it’s several by changing its pitch though).

It’s highly irritating, and the medication doesn’t stop it, and my doctor just says I’m imagining the whole thing.
But they’re real, and they keep talking about stupid things like cheese burgers and nail polish and Dita Von Teese. What do I do? How do I make them shut up?

Q. Is Barney’s middle name really Hagar?

Barney the Dinosaur was a legend among my people, here in Lafkastan, Russia.
We still play his reruns and his oratory skills are a great inspiration indeed.
But Mrs Kafka, my neighbor, she told me a terrible thing this morning, that Barney’s middle name is Hagar.

Is this true? Because Hagar means Angry Jew in my native tongue and I think this is very offensive.. I mean, not ALL jews are angry.

Mrs Kafka says Barney is a nazi bastard. I told her to shush and finish her oatmeal, silly woman.

Anyway, true or false? I must know. My village depends on you, people of Yahoo.

I think there is a man following me and my dog?
Why cannot I say that my mother is fat?
Is it ok that I think maggots are edible?
I think I might be in love?

  1. blackexists says:

    HAHAHAHAAAAAA@!!! loll i LOVED the 'yo mama' one! you doof!!b 😛 and ur right – so many ppl think ur serious! lolhilarious

  2. Sigma says:

    Oh Mak's, Mak's, Mak's…. sigh

  3. chathuraw says:

    Ha ha ha… Saw a few of these yesterday. Loved the questions 😀

  4. Scrumpulicious says:

    They actually think you're being serious?! And apparently you need to get out more and socialise! The cheek of it!

  5. Chavie says:

    "This is because I hear voices inside my head, that start talking at exactly 9.42PM every night.There are usually 2 voices, but some days up to 5 (could just be one voice fooling me into thinking it's several by changing its pitch though)."HAHAHA :Dnow I'm wondering if you're really "tikak pissu" or "godak pissu" hehe 😉 :Dnice one Maks! 🙂

  6. Harumi says:

    Can't believe you posted such completely wacky Qs.. and it's even more unbelievable to see people taking them for real.. -__- They seriously need to consult a Doc.. even more than you.. lolBTW is this your favorite pastime..? hehe..

  7. She Who Eats Cookies says:

    wahahahahahahahaha the last question xDHe's in love with a TREE :OXD

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