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Hunny bunnnyyyyy.
Yes, darling?
Did you call the baasunai?
What for, darling?
To fix the leak in the pipe, muffin pie. I mentioned it last night.
Aaah yes yes.
Yes yes you remember it, or yes yes you told him?
Are you even listening to me?
Baby cakes, could I talk to you about this in exactly ten minutes? The match-
Weren’t you watching that nonsense last night when I was talking about the pipe also?!
Yes, sweetie, it’s called a series-
Is Sangakkara going to fix our pipe? IS HE?
No, darling, now calm down, sshh I’m concentrating-
I’m talking to you! Why can’t you listen for once?
I do listen when I am not watching the match, darling-
When you’re not watching the match, you’re eating or sleeping or out getting drunk with your friends!
What did I just say?
You said… the pipe, it needs fixing…
What did I say after that?!
You wanted Sangakkara to fix the pipe or something- honey, only 5 minutes more for a commercial break, samaavenn
You’ve changed.
Yes, I dropped sauce on my shirt during lunch, had to put a new one-
No, you idiot! You’ve changed! You’re not the man I married!
Honey, I’m just watching the match, not cheating on you!
Don’t honey me! Before we got married, all you could do was buy me flowers and listen to every word I say and-
You were so much quieter before we got married-
Sorry, I was shouting at the match, what were you saying?
Nevermind. Forget it, I’m fine.
OK?! Can’t you see that I’m upset?!
Why do you do that? Say you’re fine when you’re not fine?
Just leave me alone! I’m going to go lay the table!
Ok, darling, please don’t forget to keep the potato curry-
Why are you crying?!
You… you just don’t care about me anymore.
What.. who… I was just watching the match! Now commercial break, tell tell, what about this pipe? I’ll get it fixed first thing in the morning ah!
It’s not about the pipe anymore goddammit! It’s about everything, it’s about US!
What just happened? Did you say something very pivotal when Malinga was bowling? Because that was when I wasn’t listening at all-
I don’t know if I can do this anymore.
Do what? What’s going on? I said I’ll fix the leak, I’m listening to you now, what-
Don’t touch me! Just.. leave me alone…
What? I look a mess, all this crying over you has ruined my makeup, sweet thing of you to say though, hunny bunn-
Not you, I was talking about that sixer.

  1. Harsha says:

    This is awesome …could be a short play

  2. Mommythechef says:

    So funny !… and vaguely familiar πŸ™‚

  3. Chavie says:

    moral of the story: don't talk to guys when they're watching the match! πŸ˜‰

  4. Sachintha says:

    "Sorry, I was shouting at the match, what were you saying?
    Nevermind. Forget it, I'm fine.
    OK?! Can't you see that I'm upset?!"
    ROFL!You made my day!

  5. Lady divine says:

    hahahaaaadamn funnyandscary! – reality

  6. chaarmax says:

    Damn you need to write mre… sad thing is it's all too familiar.. AGHAAA!!! he he.Just hope wifey doesn't stumble across this. 😦

  7. ~ lo$t $oul ~ says:

    Best read for the day… πŸ˜€

  8. TheWhacksteR says:

    its a chronic symptom of women to crave a man's attention just when she knows its directed elsewhere isn't it. Its almost like she's looking for a fight!nice one!

  9. Angel says:

    Reality bites! πŸ™‚

  10. Gehan says:

    oh hell…..this is actually quite funny.. there, i said it πŸ˜›Sorry, I was shouting at the match, what were you saying?Nevermind. Forget it, I'm fine.Ok.OK?! Can't you see that I'm upset?!so true.. women..! πŸ˜€

  11. delilahsays says:

    hilarious πŸ™‚ and -_- @ the whackster

  12. PseudoRandom says:

    LOL…although I'd probably be the one too busy watching the match to pay attention πŸ˜›

  13. Sigma says:

    Awesome Mak's!

  14. She Who Eats Cookies says:

    wahahaha typical male ignorance. πŸ˜›

  15. chathuraw says:

    ROFL… Bloody hilarious… =DGreat work… Cheered me right up… Keep writing!!

  16. Sabby says:

    Hilarious,Pfft. Typical male,

  17. The Pathfinder says:

    "OK?! Can't you see that I'm upset?!"i get that from my gf a lot. but still i keep saying "ok".

  18. Gadgetgirl says:

    Erghk! What a topic. =S. But Awezome shite. =D.

  19. AlterEgo says:

    Ha! Niiice!

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