That Bump In The Night

Posted: July 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

“BLAARGGGHHHH!” she shrieked, before puking green things all over the priestman.

I was watching the original The Exorcist and it was past midnight.
That woman’s face freaks me the hell out every time.
Probably cuz the first time I watched it was when I was 9. Brr.

I looked around the hall. Blackness, but for the eerie glare of the TV screen.
A dark room and a horror movie is the worst combo when you’re someone with a mad imagination, no matter how skeptical you might be about the supernatural.

HEY what was that weird flash next to the sofa?!
A reflection from the TV screen of course…
pedoclown running for cover till I walk past and he jumps me unawares.

Dimmi why you do this to me dimmi?” crazy Exorcist girl pleads on TV in that freaky deaky voice of hers.

It starts raining outside.
Window suddenly bangs on grill. I jump.
Heh heh. It’s just the wind, idiot, don’t be such a wuss-
some thing‘s way of making me go to the window, and suddenly, this girl in a white dress’ll pop up in my face, before lifting her head to snigger all evil-like.

Well you can’t fool me, whitedressgirl. I’m not going near that window.
Not like every ninny in every scary movie feels compelled to do.

I watch the whole movie, ignoring with effort all the little bumps and dings and creaks that come with a night that involves devilwomeninmovies and aftermidnightstorms.

Movie’s over. Phew. Sleepy time. Switch off TV, now plunged in darkness.

What the HELL was THAT. It’s 2.30AM, everyone’s asleep, and the tin-pot-falling-on-marble sound is coming from the kitchen.

Shit. Now I have to walk toward the kitchen to see what it is don’t I?
Why do I feel like I’m in an Alfred Hitchcock movie?
I dial 119 and hold my finger on the dial button (I’m a paranoid little freak OK?) as I edge towards the kitchen, a single pantry bulb glowing in the distance.

Suddenly, a shadow creeps out, a black silhouette against the faint light.
I stop in my tracks and gasp in horror, as the lumpy shadow makes a gurgling noise before walking forward in a sloth-like manner.
I stumble backwards, hoping it hasn’t seen me in the dark yet.

Gragrrgnn, it mumbles. Long pause.

Then suddenly,
“Where’s the cheese slices?”

WTF. I switch on the light.
Sibling’s standing there, munching on a sandwich, obliviously scratching his head.

Cow. -_-

  1. Azrael says:

    ORWas it an evil demon from another dimension pretending to be the sibling????Better check….

  2. Chavie says:

    haha tis why I don't watch horror movies! 😀 or anything remotely scary for that matter… :S

  3. yakayaka says:

    haha i go to sleep with 119 as my last dialled number and the phone under my pillow…and i dont even have to watch horror films for that level of paranoia

  4. blackexists says:

    lol !!! i hate horror moviezzz! 😀 at least you had the guts to sit thru it – i wouldnt have even attempted that! 😀

  5. She Who Eats Cookies says:

    Hahaha shiiit! The scariest thig I watch is Ghost Hunters during the day :Pshoulda thrown the pot at your bro 😛

  6. Jack Point says:

    heh heh

  7. Angel says:

    Did sibling offer to share a sandwich?

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