Stop judging me, Aishwarya Rai!

Posted: August 2, 2009 in Uncategorized

Aishwarya raising a brow at me in the back of a tuk-tuk

My appointment was at 9.30am.
And I’d crawled out of bed at only 9.45am.
Rushing off to a place half an hour away in a tuk-tuk, it did not help that Aishwarya Rai was next to me with this look on her face that said Ha! Typical.

Ha! Typical.
WHAT! Just stop it, Aishwarya Rai.
Isn’t this the third time this has happened this week? You’re losing it, man.
It’s just the way I roll OKAY?
Yeah I can see how far you’ll get with this rolling business.
HA what would you know about rolling?
What don’t I know about rolling?
Wait, what are we talking about?
I don’t know. You tell me.
Could you just stop that?
Stop what?
Raising your eyebrow and giving me that mocking half-smile. I’m panicking enough as it is.
You’re doing it again!
Hey, if you can’t handle the heat get the hell out of the kitchen.
What the heck is that supposed to mean? Wait a minute, didn’t Ludacris say that?

So I finally got to my destination and paid the tuk-tuk man, who was already pretty freaked out that I’d been giving Aishwarya the look while mumbling to myself all throughout the ride.

The nerve of pictures in the backseats of tuk-tuks these days… Sheesh…

  1. Anonymouse says:

    TALKING PICTURES?!These drivers stop at NOTHING when it comes to entertainment.=P

  2. She Who Eats Cookies says:

    Sexual. LULZ at the Ludacris quote though. :Pyou shoulda drawn horns on Rai's pic. See how she'd like THAT *evil grin*

  3. Chavie says:

    lol, that look kinda cracked me up! 😀 now I'm imagining you going O_o at her o_O and the trishaw driver going O_O and the word verification for me is jinge! HAHA 😀 😀

  4. Dee says:

    lol MAku.ur losing it.

  5. Gadgetgirl says:

    Aww..woman! =D. Chill Chill. Its the SL tuk tuk traditional methods of entertainment yarr..

  6. someone important says:

    u shud have just slapped the bitch. who does she think she is.

  7. Angel says:

    The nerve! I'm sure she backed down after the look though…

  8. Harumi says:

    hehe.. that's some 'look' you gave her. Enjoyed your imaginary convo to the max.. =D

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