What you get for asking.

Posted: August 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

hey. what’s that on your face?

dude you won’t believe it. I fell asleep the other day right? and I was totally fast asleep when suddenly I felt like.. this weird furry thing was on my face. so I opened my eyes and there was this huge-ass spider sitting next to my nose and moving its back legs all weird like! the doctor said it sounds like the characteristic behaviour of a mother spider trying to lay its eggs on safe ground but I interrupted it halfway so this thing here on my chin is probably-


no. it’s a pimple.

  1. mommythecook says:

    You're good ! 🙂

  2. Chavie says:

    so THAT'S why the call you Makuluwo? 😀 haha

  3. blackexists says:

    okaaaaaaaay. :/

  4. Sigma says:

    Lol, the poor thing probably thought you were rip Van Winkle Mak's

  5. Aamina says:

    hahaha………really hav a way with a climax dont u.good one!

  6. messiahofmadness says:

    If it were true you could take pride in the thought that your face is considered "safe ground" for egg laying by Arachnids =P

  7. Dee says:

    thats shit crazy. i'm arachnophopic.

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