Trolling the Troll

Posted: September 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

Aah padashow, padashow, our favourite neighborhood troll.
Hilarious shizz ah, back when a lot of our posts were pwnd on your trollblog, I was a big fan.
No jokes.

But what is this latest tepid drivel you’ve been spewing?
Let me elaborate.

“Kottu Kooks” – uh okay. Catchy title, that.
Started off with a pointless advertisement of some Groundviews chap and his camcorder.
Ok, whatev. Maybe Groundviews is a little too tough for the troll to handle.

Then it’s Purple socks is mine! Easy one.
But wth. The troll’s just gone as far as to call her a crazy freak, sticking to incredibly mild and lame references to mental hospitals.

Padashow, when we visit your blog, we come to read some real entertaining trolling, some ouch, some ugly truth.
Not ninth grade insults.
I’m disappointed. But not as badly as I was at the previous post, Poshy Godeyas.

With a faggoty title like Poshy Godeyas, one has to do a double-take and wonder if they’re on the right website.
Of all the titles your creativity could concoct, Poshy G- what?
Just, what?

He starts with a little grammar lesson on SinhalayaTravels.
…yawn… which later turns out to be an epic fail when we find typos in the troll’s post itself.
Then goes on to call the blogger ‘a godaya trying to be posh’.
Followed by blah about how ‘technically’ it isn’t even a travel blog.
Srsly, padashow. Who cares? WHO. CARES.

It honestly sounded like a little kid making helicopter noises in the back of the theatre to piss people off.
But just ends up getting slapped in the back of the head and told to gtfo.

I think ‘David Blacker’s comment on the post worded it best, when he said: “Next time you get the intern to write something, can you guys flag it so that we can ignore it?”

Has someone taken over padashow? Is this an attempt at surreptitiously replacing the original guy with an inexperienced fool of a noob but failing miserably at the surreptitious bit (among other things)?

Or is the troll losing his touch after all?
Come on, padashow, say it aint so.

  1. She Who Eats Cookies says:

    Jeez, what an ASSHOLE.I love purplesocksismine. >.<

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