Right Music, Wrong Music

Posted: September 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

Britney Spears fans hate the Iron Maiden fans and The Beatles fans hate the Agalloch fans and the indie boys and the commercial-pop girls don’t get along, neither do the industrial rock girls and the alternative rock boys.

Oh god, you listen to Hilary Duff? Disgusting.
At least I don’t listen to a bunch of screamy emofags.
And what does Hilary Duff do? Besides be a complete tool?
If you think metal music makes you look hardcore, well, it doesn’t.
It’s not about hardcore, it’s about meaning, metal is intricate. Your little tween-teen stars are just commercial products.
Intricate? You call screaming and growling and that annoying pots-and-pans noise intricate? Pop music is relaxing because it’s so simple.
But what are you even listening to? Something about someone wanting to hump a random person in a club? Medieval.
It doesn’t always have to be about what the person is saying, it’s just the sound that’s relaxing.
Oh you mean the sound of a monotonous electronic beat coupled with a talentless voice that’s going for ‘seductive’ but miserably failing?
Anything is better than angsty teenagers making grizzly-bear noises, believe me.
They’re expressing themselves, that’s raw anger and emotion. Pop music is so plastic and insincere that way.
Hey at least it’s easy on the ears.
That’s such a primitive way of thinking, music isn’t just a pasttime, it’s a lifestyle, you have to feel it, not just listen.
What are you trying to prove, John Lennon?
That your mum should’ve aborted you when she had the chance.

That’s an argument I’ve heard a million times before and it’s as tiresome and pointless and round-in-circles as arguments about religion or Papareboy’s mum.

It gets pretty heated up, and people can get pretentious and irritable. Does anyone really have the right to sit on a higher horse and deem one genre of music as ‘fake’ and the other as ‘art’?
How can you do that objectively if you’re biased towards one genre?

I say taste is selective and if there really was such a thing as right music as opposed to wrong music, we wouldn’t have such a variety of tunes and the world would be a bland place inhabited by zombie drones.

I still don’t get Akon though. He sounds like the lovechild of a chipmunk and a teletubby. The type of lovechild you want to dump inside that cell with the mutated babies.

  1. Rhythmic Diaspora says:

    I'm totally with you on this, then along came Coldplay.

  2. yakayaka says:

    Freaky 'iron maiden/britney/goo goo dolls/kenny rogers/beastie boys/prodigy' Love Child may solve all our problems.

  3. She Who Eats Cookies says:

    Brilliant! Although I prefer the screamy emofags to High-lary Fluff. But meh, that's just me :)& I dont get Akon either. I mean… seriously? Seriously.

  4. St. Fallen says:

    wtf are you on about?I listen to the Beatles and Agallochtwo of my favourite bands, in factand industrial vs. alternative? where'd you get that from?Each person has their own individual taste which may or not conform to "indie boys" or "commercial-pop girls", and if they do conform it might just be by accident and not them intentionally listening to just one thing.Anyone who does that and thinks they're cool cause of it should be dragged to the streets, beaten up, raped, set on fire, and then have a tank run over them.

  5. St. Fallen says:

    ah, just read the whole post :Pdisregard the first line of that comment :Danyway, fuck losers who don't get metal or any extreme or "different" genre. they're narrow-minded fucktards who should be locked in a mental asylum and made to listen to heavy metal for days on end. oh wait, that's Guantanamo bay.Btw, John Lennon? what make you think he wouldn't have been a metalhead? if they had overdrive and distortion back then like we do now the Beatles would be making some hardcore trippy shit!Paul McCartney goes under the moniker The Fireman and does some crazy psychedelic/experimental electronicalisten to the album Electric Arguments, fuckin' brill!

  6. Dili | දිලින says:

    This & this might be interesting to you guys =D

  7. greene says:

    i just trashed my bike and i'm alive !!!

  8. Makuluwo says:

    @RD- Haha yeah Coldplay's bridged gaps, but even they lean far away from commercial-pop no? @yakayaka- Indeed. 😛 @SheWhoEatsCookies- But sometimes, even Hilary Fluff is more tolerable than some angsty whiteboi emofags. o_O @St Fallen- Yeah let's kill em all, that should fix it. 😛 And the metalhead in the post WAS referred to as John Lennon. 😉 @Dili- LOL! Freaky deaky! Fusion ftw though.@greene- Mhm leave it to you to say something completely relevant. 😀

  9. greene says:

    i think i'm having an epiphany

  10. Gadgetgirl says:

    Oi u, ur tagged! =Dhttp://purplesocksisallmine.blogspot.com/2009/09/so-love-is.html

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