Bloggers According to Urban Dictionary

Posted: September 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

I’d passed my 150th post and hadn’t even noticed.
What a wonderful excuse for an Urban Dictionary celebration, yay!

Literal results turned up for ordinary blog-names like Gutterflower, Black, Jack Point, lost soul, Serendib and PseudoRandom… sorry (actually, consider yourself lucky).
But for the rest of you, there were some… ahem… interesting definitions for your nicknames (NN)/ what’s closest.
yes I’ve taken procrastination of office work to a whole new level.

Almost all of them are pretty offensive.
But kinda awesomely hilarious too.
Please do not come after me with a sledgehammer. kthx.

Chavie – Chavi
The roman gypsy word for child.
roman gypsy woman- ‘get that chavi inside now!
roman gypsy man- ‘wotcha’ say?

PapareBoy NN: PB
A soft, malleable, ductile, bluish-white, dense metallic element.
I like to make PB sandwiches.

The Puppeteer
When you put all four fingers inside a female’s ‘area’ and wiggle your fingers around, making the girl writhe, spasm and move around.
I gave your sister the puppeteer last night and she almost fell off the side of the bed.

The Whackster – NN: Whacko
Crazy, weirdo, dummy.
that girl is whacko for dating a guy 20 years older than her!

St Fallen – NN: emofag
A whiny bitch who somehow got his hands on a guitar and sings like a eunuch whilst dressed as a nerd.
I’m gonna get some nerdy glasses, a hundred dollar guitar, and fail at leapfrogging over a fire hydrant so that I may sing like an emofag.

Rhythmic Diaspora – NN: RD
Typical extraordinary lady killer, seduces preferably young naive females via the sporting of sunglasses, untamed facial hair, and halfway unbuttoned shirts.
Guy 1: Wow that 18 year old suave sunglass wielding son of a bitch just gave rug burn to that poor 15 year old girl’s chin with his facial hair!
Guy 2: Yeah he sure is a real RD.

A curry guy who has an arranged marriage to his parrot which has slowly but surely taken over his life.
That’s what you call a gehan.

Dili – Dil
Short for the word dildo.
Stop being such a dil.

Sachintha – NN: Sach
A skank who fantasizes about Mr Bush, Ms Fawcett and Khusbu.
omg did you see that chick in love with khusbu, what a sach.

The jester
Main character for the enaction of American Pie by Don McLean. The jester is endowed with a hat and “a coat he borrowed from James Dean.”
It’s the Jester hat!

hijinx – NN: D
A way of referring to your dick without the extra letters.
S my D you faggot.

The best thing in the whole world. Absolutely NOTHING better. PIMP.
This concert is sabby.

Gypsy Bohemia – NN: Gypsy
Fucking scum of the earth (not the traditional gypsies, but the assholes found all over the UK).
I used to lodge in a cottage in a small village in Gloucestershire that happened to have a Gypsy colony about 500 meters away. These scumbag bastards stole my landlords motorbike, large stone garden ornament and even a CAST IRON BATHTUB.

Member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated. The sum of all and represents true brotherhood, scholarship and service.
Every man wants to be a SIGMA man.

Padashow – Fartshow
fartshow isn’t defined yet, but these are close:
The Howard Stern Show
Adult embarassment via juvenilia; a poor attempt at humour in poor taste; to make fart noises past the age of seven.

Short for Topicality, the argument that the plan falls outside the resolution.
The dumbasses ran Kyoto, so we waxed ’em on T “In The United States.”

DeeCee – NN: Dee
A smooth playa who keeps it real.
It’s time for you to stop getting played. It’s time to Dee-Up.

A radio show with extremely sappy music and an overly dramatic host with callers that have watched way too many hallmark movies.
Delilah: Camilla from NYC what makes you happy or sad?!
Camilla: Well I’m sad because I met this guy but it turns out he’s from oklahoma and I don’t want anything to do with people who aren’t as good as us new yorkers. It’s like Romeo and Juliet!

Me: UUGGHHH shoot me now! (smashes in stereo)

Someone who is always hyper, crazy, lovely, wonderful, with a brilliant sense of humour and fit ass.
OMG! She is sooooo Indi.

The Passenger – NN: Keh
Pardon, excuse me, what the fuck did you just say, what, huh, come again… you get the picture.
Dude: Doyouwanagoouttonight?
Other dude: Keh?

Sashini – NN: Sash
bass; the act of sashing as in one’s bass.
I will sash your bass, Bassmente.

unsilent isn’t defined yet, but these are close:
A person who molests sheep.

Someone who is smart and pretty, loony at times and likes to have fun.
your nimra is showing.

The Missing Sandwich – NN: TMS
Abbreviation for “Therapeutic money spending.”
It’s time to do some TMSing.

Lady Divine – NN: Lady D
Slang for heroin, D for Diesel or Diacetylmorphine.
Lady D has got me fiendin’.

A small town in central Maine that is home to a very high number of homosexuals, and is used as a sewer by neighboring towns.
I am staying away from Greene tonight, it smells like scrunt sweat and haunted anal babies.

Gargamel’s cat on Smurfs.
Azrael scared the crap out of Vanity Smurf.

Purple Socks
Code word describing the act of going into public without wearing undergarments.
So, my underwear was too tight for my dress, so I decided to purple sock it, so I wouldn’t get panty lines.

mommythecook – mommy
The nice lady that takes me to school everyday and kisses me on the cheek because she loves me and doesn’t want me to get hurt on the playground.
My mommy loves me very much.

A guy with a nice ass, a nice neck, and nice tummy and thighs and back.
That Jev at the beach was looking at me funny, I wanted to kick him in the knuckles (?) but he was far too pretty to break.

Makuluwo – NN: Maks
A mofo that don’t got a watch, dats fat and white and thinks he’s all dat when he’s fuckin’ poor! And he always brags about his shitty bike that costs about um… -300$.
Hey look there walked by wannabe badass, Maks Clayton!


  1. Lady divine says:

    awesome post! so funny! and cool! :)You've been jobless noh? :p

  2. Dili | දිලින says:

    hmph.. dildo eh? Well I'll take the silver lining here and take solace in the fact that I bring pleasure to the ladies. 😉

  3. greene says:

    appatasiri, second base action 😀 its probably time for me to send you a truck load of red jellybeans then 😉

  4. sabbysleaf says:

    Ooooooh thats so kool.Must go tell my 'girls' hee =)

  5. Gadgetgirl says:

    Grrr I hate u! Next time, Am gonna come to ur cockroach dungeon and try ur "panties" instead of ur shoes.

  6. Sigma says:

    Far be it for me to find anything wrong with this brilliant post! And now, thanks to you I know what I wanna be, me!

  7. The Puppeteer says:

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaa? Mine's the worst of the lot O_O*grabs sledgehammer and marches over the Maks house* =P

  8. Serendib_Isle says:

    LMAO. Awesome post!

  9. unsilentdawn says:

    in my defense, the sheep came on to me!

  10. Delilah says:

    i prefer the 2nd and 3rd definitions! and you couldnt use one of these???? * reaches for bug spray2.The woman who will destroy you, a poisonous girlfriend3.An inexplicable, senseless act of madness, like in the Tom Jones song. 'Montalto pulled a Delilah when he sabotaged their website. Why? Why? Why?'

  11. Rhythmic Diaspora says:

    Mak – Congrats on the 150, I think I should be flattered with the RD!

  12. hijinx says:

    *grins.. but I want the 15th definition, though going that far is prolly pushing it, and it was prolly written by a D. :P"To be a D is quite possibly the hardest thing to attain or be in the entire world. In order to be a d you have to be ridiculously good-looking, cool and always up for a good time."

  13. Jack Point says:

    ha h, pretty funny, especially the Puppetteer.

  14. Dee says:

    haha! oh man…that was rich 😀

  15. blackexists says:

    :O puppeteer?? :O lmao! funny shit though!

  16. Chavie says:

    hahaha I wanna do a puppeteer! ;)congratulations on the 150 Maks Clayton! here's to a 150 more! :Dp.s: now I know why GG likes lingerie! 😛 😉

  17. Dili | දිලින says:

    LOL trust you to write a post that makes one totally forget about the important milestones. Congrats on the 150 Clayton, keep up the nutty work. Tikak nemai, godakma pissu wenna =D

  18. gutterflower says:

    ordinary blog names?? hmmph. I resent that!congrats on the 150. 🙂

  19. She Who Eats Cookies says:

    I will sash your bass, Maks. HAHAHA WUT.

  20. Makuluwo says:

    LOL @ everyone. Thanks for the wishes and all! Mwah! 😀 Sash- Lmao. I have no idea luzr!Unsilent- LOL! You've scarred that sheep for life, man. Delilah, The Puppeteer- BAHAHAHA. Just picked the first def on the page! 😉 greene- No idea what you're on about, but yes please @ jellybeans. 😛

  21. Whacko says:

    Something surprising and often of interest. Generally said with a british accent for effect. "Hey check out this new gadget." "Oh, whacko." yeah i think i prefer the second definition as well.. congrats on the 150 yo!

  22. Azrael says:

    Mwahahaha… Me likes em yummy Smirfs >:)But I prefer the version as the Angel of Death

  23. Sachintha says:

    WHAT? Me fantacisin about Bush?LMAO!!!And RD is classic. hahahah!Awesome stuff and congrats on 150!Cheers!

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