Giant Handbags of Doom

Posted: September 18, 2009 in Uncategorized

So, handbags are stupid.
I mean, the very term ‘handbag’ implies noobishness in my vocab.
That is, not to insult almost the entire population of women who use them, handbags are very useful (don’t hit me). ๐Ÿ˜›

I prefer funky little sling bags and such, because when someone says handbag, my brain for some reason connects the word to auntie or mummy.
Some sort of bizarre childhood quirk I bet.

Anyway, my closet is cluttered with clothy tie-dye strange looking bags, which I discovered are very ‘inappropriate’ for work-related goings.
So I dug up the simplest looking thing from mum’s collection for temporary use, and found a small black square of a ‘handbag’.
Looked least like one, and could easily be mistaken for a leather square object with a strap on it.

Went looking for my own lately at MC (after clearly misguided individuals told me they had the best variety) and was flabbergasted at what I found.
Everything was… big.

Did I miss a change in the protocol that insinuated women would need portable tents in case of emergency.
Are there enough notebooks and pens and things to actually fill that thing with.
Do mexicans use it to smuggle small people across the border.

So many questions, as I stood there across the big bags wondering if I’d shrunk in the past few years.
As if to add insult to injury, the huge bags are obscenely done-up with totally uncalled for polythene shields, gigantic fakegold buckles, hideous polka dotted sashes, that would make Anna Wintour shrivel and die.

I did finally find a soft brown leather one that wasn’t the size of Canada with simple chic working on it, followed up with the unnecessary purchase of a Barefoot-ish sling to comfort my traumatized self.

When did pohara bags with ruffles and buttons on them become so popular anyway?

  1. Chavie says:

    lol! ๐Ÿ˜€ nicely put… never understood bags and what women hid in them but I always used to tell my friends that must be hiding an AK-47 (or two) in there! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Gadgetgirl says:

    Me too! =D I dislike the handbag but I prefer those sleek celebrity wallets they have it in their hands. Very convienent unlike handbags sticking up your armpits.

  3. Angel says:

    ๐Ÿ™‚ A woman after my own heart! I did carry a simple black pohora bag to work for about a year… but that's because it had to store smuggled files, extra shoes, emergency sandwich and some pirated CDs containing all 10 seasons of "Friends"!

  4. santhoshi says:

    its such a nuisance that big is in so u can hardly find a nice medium sized one… everyone is carrying huge bags the size of a mini house…

  5. greene says:

    thats very nice and all… but the fact remains, beyonce has one of the best videos of all time

  6. Jack Point says:

    Is this just here that people carry such large bags? They remind of school bags most of the time.

  7. She Who Eats Cookies says:

    They're very useful for beaning the pervy pervs who come upto you & say 'HALEW MADAM YOU IS WANTING TO GET INTO MY TRISHAW?" or "I is hauing vary naice things to look at here, madam"No. Just… no. ๐Ÿ˜

  8. Makuluwo says:

    @Sash- HAHAHAH! Gossip Aiyya would be insulted. :P@Jack- I have no idea! Yeah they're like school bags, except pointless. ๐Ÿ˜‰ @greene- LOL! Hi Kanye. ๐Ÿ˜› @santhoshi, GG- Amen!@Angel- Ooh, fun. (you illegally smuggled small people in them across borders didn't you?!) @Chavie- Thanks. And they're prolly hiding a whole artillery in there!

  9. Gonzo says:

    TEEHEE! I remember those days when I used to carry only a wallet (one which I purchased in pettah for a hundred bucks…) with me to work. Unfortunately, like you, I had to change it into a *gulp* handbag after a certain amount of time, since I had to carry stuff, like my man-wallet and notebooks, pens and other emergency items. Now I carry an even bigger one, since I take my lunch, a small water bottle, phone, phone accessories, book to read, book to write, pen, etc. I could snuggle YOU over to Mexico if you dare me to. *snigger*

  10. poopy says:

    any idea what those “funky little sling bags” are really called??

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